Anthony Weiner’s Entire Phone List LEAKED by FBI

Anthony Weiner’s Entire Phone List LEAKED by FBI

Perhaps people inside the FBI finally have the guts to turn on the swamp.

It appears somebody leaked all of Anthony Weiner’s phone contacts.

Here’s the link for those who dare.

Above is the first page. I can only imagine some of the names on this list!

Of course you have the list of New York Leftists who donated to this scumbag’s campaigns over the years. Then you have the Leftists who Weiner wanted to donate to his campaigns over the years. In short, this is the list of mostly New York Leftists willing to support this scumbag over the years.

To see your name on this list is worse than the “walk of shame”, maybe even worse than the “perp walk” many Leftists will find themselves making later this year.

But worse, can you imagine who else in on this list. 1-900 numbers, Eliot Spitzer’s call-girl service, teenage girls, and who knows what else.

According to Media Equalizer,

The list includes the names, addresses, & phone numbers of 639 politicians, media personalities, and other major players including Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Podesta, and George Soros.

Also on the electronic rolodex is Tamara Luzzatto, the woman who wrote naughty emails to Podesta and had a website where she contacted children in creepy ways. From “hot time” with adults for “entertainment purposes” to just being an all-around pig, it’s no surprise that someone like Anthony Weiner would associate themselves with a known pedophile.

There is no indication of why the contact info was leaked–if it was for nefarious purposes or simply the work of a rogue FBI agent looking to manufacture some karma.

The list was archived probably to prevent a Clinton operative from finding and deleting it.

Let’s be clear, almost everybody on this list is a pervert. To associate with Weiner in any way denotes a perversion.

I’m not one to judge, but prior to Weiner getting caught sexting teen girls, I warned Democrats not to hang their hopes on this stooge. I even remember the moment I mentioned this.

Weiner had been prominently on TV arguing for some lamebrain Leftist issue. He argued much like Chuck Schumer, where his argument made no sense, but he over-talked his adversary, wryly smiling during the process. He appeared affable and friendly at the end of the segment.

The anchor thanked both men, and mentioned that Anthony Weiner was touted as the next big deal in Democrat politics. I couldn’t believe that the Democrats would put their faith in a weasel like Weiner. I said later on my radio show that Weiner had serious issues lurking, and told the story of a person I knew like him, who “faked” his public persona, but who was a devious sort in his private persona.

Yep, nailed it!

Weiner appeared on a few more TV shows, as Democrats wanted him front and center. He was being groomed for greatness. The more I saw him, the more he reminded me of Rahm Emanuel, exactly the type of man Democrats like. Metrosexual deviants.

The rest, as they say is history.

I suspect the worker bees in the FBI have tired of the nonsense of Comey and McCabe. They may now begin to fight against the crooked management, and want the truth to get out about the Democrats.

This could be why they expose the Weiner?


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