Black Lives Matter TERRORISTS Block Train To Super Bowl

Black Lives Matter TERRORISTS Block Train To Super Bowl

Unfortunately for the Black Lives Matter terrorists, this year’s Super Bowl will likely have fewer people attending.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop these terrorists from trying to stop people from enjoying the game.

Don’t these clowns understand that the NFL caters to black terrorists. Just ask the ex-wives of NFL players.

You can see from the video that this chapter of Black Lives Matter either doesn’t like the cold or can’t get enough people together for a good house party. I suspect it’s both.

As for the protest, I love when Leftism eats its own.

Consider that Black Lives Matter began over the Michael Brown Jr lie of “Hands up. Don’t shoot!”. 

When that lie was debunked, the group then claimed that blacks were being hunted and killed by police in disproportionate numbers. On this point, they were correct. Except the numbers were disproportionately low. Oops.

So when a two-bit hustler named Colin Kaepernick decided to hijack the group for his own career motives by taking a knee, BLM was rejuvenated to a degree. Suddenly, the terrorists had a new champion. After all DeRay McKesson and black man wannabe Shaun King both sold out and took six-figure day jobs. See ya, silly Negroes.

We’ve heard little from either of those two since. I caught up with DeRay by way of Google, and found this out:

This year, McKesson and his team are focused on two areas: the racial wealth gap and mass incarceration, Mckesson told me on CTRL+T. Specifically, Campaign Zero is trying to “create an entrance for people that’s an easy entrance but also high impact” and solutions-oriented, he said.

Mckesson said a lot of people don’t know how, in states like Virginia, theft over $200 is considered a felony.

“Most people would say a felon is someone who killed somebody or shot ten people,” he said. He later added, “I’m not convinced that stealing an iPhone is a felony or stealing a bike is a felony.”

DeRay showing that stellar Leftist logic.

I’m curious as to what is the magic number for felony theft for DeRay? Perhaps $950, as it is in California. But I would ask DeRay, “How much money can somebody steal from a dude in the hood and get capped?” 

I didn’t bother to look up what Shaun King was doing, but you can bet he’s enjoying his white privilege. And the same can be said for Kaepernick. Though he remains unemployed, the former professional football kneeler is getting a lot of social justice awards.

What’s a bogus cause to do when none of its champions have the staying power of Vanilla Ice?

And with so much money, one would think BLM could shut down the Super Bowl. BLM kills cops, so why not threaten to kill some players, the white ones of course. Or better yet, threaten ownership.

Given the stance of the NFL, Roger Goodell might happily have Jerry Jones limo break down in the “bad part of town”.

At the very least the NFL probably would have left this racist, terrorist group run a Super Bowl commercial. The group is now well-funded, now that George Soros has made them his cause du jour.


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