Breaking: Woman Attempts to Breech White House Security

Breaking: Woman Attempts to Breech White House Security

Secret Service officials report a vehicle struck the fence on the corner of 17th Street NW and E Street NW.

After a brief confrontation, the driver was apprehended. 

No officers were hurt and no shots were fired. Still, the attempted security breech is a serious matter the secret service was forced to deal with. Throughout the day, Twitter updates addressed the situation.

As the Daily Caller tells us:

According to Fox News, the driver of the car appears to be suffering from mental problems and was previously known about by the Secret Service. This incident is not believed to be a direct attack on the president’s life.

MSNBC managed to get a camera on scene. It appears that the vehicle used in the incident was a white mini van with an American flag on the trunk. The back windshield of the van was shattered. Officers are on the scene and currently investigating the vehicle for explosives.

Thus, the White House remained on lockdown for about half an hour while authorities took control of the situation.

Attempts to enter the White House unlawfully are nothing new.

During the Obama Administration, numerous “fence jumpers” were arrested.

In 2013, a woman was actually killed after a police chase through Capitol Hill. Miriam Carey was just 34 years old when she was gunned down. Sadly, she was traveling with her one year old daughter. Luckily, the baby wasn’t harmed during the incident. However, that shooting occurred on the third day of Obama’s first government shutdown.

Then, in March of last year, a man carrying a backpack full of mace and a letter for Donald Trump was arrested near the south entrance of the White House. More recently, a man in a press van following the President was detained for having a gun. According to the man, it was an oversight. However, we can’t be too sure.

As USA Today points out:

Protecting one of the world’s most visible has been a constant challenge for the Secret Service.

Last year, the agency enlarged the protective bulwark around the White House complex by closing access to the entire fence-line along the mansion’s south lawn in the wake of persistent concerns about intrusions.

In the past three years, according to the agency, there have been about 100 incidents in which people have sought to penetrate the 18-acre White House grounds; 95% of those cases have involved suspects with some history of mental illness or emotional disturbance.

Ironically, today’s perpetrator was also a woman, which tends to go against convention. Obviously, this is still a breaking story, but it will be interesting to see what her motives might be. I smell a disgruntled Hillary supporter.




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