Robert Mueller Indicts a Mexican for Russian Collusion

Robert Mueller Indicts a Mexican for Russian Collusion

When the American consulate was attacked in Benghazi…on 9-11 no less, the Democrats blamed a California videographer.

They claimed some obscure hippie’s video incensed the Muslim population so much so on 9-11, they attacked America’s sovereignty in Libya.

I don’t recall, but I think the video had 3 views, likely all from Obama’s White House. The Democrats know that they wanted the Benghazi attack to occur, though we have only theories as to why. What we do know for sure is whatever the Democrats’ plan, it failed. Thus, they screwed the pooch and tragedy resulted.

Well the Democrats are at it again. This time with the Russian “investigation” fiasco.

In yet another farce around the Russian collusion theory, Robert Mueller has indicted a California man. As AP reported,

The Latest on the indictments in the special counsel’s Russia probe (all times local):

The attorney for the California man who pleaded guilty in the Russia probe says his client made a mistake.

The lawyer tells The Associated Press that Richard Pinedo’s connection to Russian meddling “is way beyond anything he could have possibly imagined” being involved in.”

The lawyer says Pinedo thought he was helping people fraudulently open online bank accounts, but that Pinedo had no idea “his customers were foreign nationals” trying to meddle in the election.

Jeremy Lessem says his client will not make any public statements.

Pinedo is from Santa Paula, California. He pleaded guilty earlier this month to using stolen identities to set up bank accounts that were then used by the Russians.

That’s right, Amigos. According to Mueller, a Mexican man from the land of fruits, nuts, and fairies worked with the Russians to help Trump get elected.

I know, right! Is this some George Lopez punchline!

In case you’re wondering what this Mexican bandito did, “sheck it out, Esse!”. According to Vox, the man stole identities:

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s office announced Friday it had reached a plea deal with a California man who committed identity fraud as part of the ongoing Russia probe. The deal was announced the same day as the blockbuster indictments of a dozen Russian nationals and three Russia-affiliated groups alleging interference with the 2016 presidential election.

The charges against Richard Pinedo of Santa Paula, California, state that he sold bank account numbers created using the stolen identities of US citizens to people or entities outside of the United States. The Russian groups indicted by Mueller used social media posts, online ads, and rallies in the US to create propaganda efforts “primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, to denigrate other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and to support Bernie Sanders and then-candidate Donald Trump,” according to Mueller’s other indictment released Friday. Pinedo’s charges appear related to that activity.

As part of his plea deal, Pinedo has agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation.

I will make you a bet. When they get to the bottom of this latest part of the farce, Hillary Clinton’s team will be behind the entire thing. And here’s why I believe this.

The Hillary Clinton campaign practically begged for Trump to become the Republican nominee. As Politico reported, Hillary Clinton’s team underestimated Trump the entire campaign:

While the campaign also kept a close eye on Rubio, monitoring his announcement speech and tightly designing the tweeted responses to his moves, Clinton’s team in Brooklyn was delightedly puzzled by Trump’s shift into the pole position that July after attacking John McCain by declaring, “I like people who weren’t captured.”

Eleven days after those comments about McCain, Clinton aides sought to push the plan even further: An agenda item for top aides’ message planning meeting read, “How do we prevent Bush from bettering himself/how do we maximize Trump and others?”

They wouldn’t have to work very hard at it though; the debates were the beginning of the end for the candidate Clinton’s team always thought she would face on Election Day. The day after the first debate in August, Clinton confidante Neera Tanden emailed Podesta her analysis: “Bush sucked. I’m glad Hillary is obsessed with the one candidate who would be easiest to beat 🙂 Besides Trump, of course.”

Clinton and team wanted to do away with Jeb Bush, and they would use Trump to make that happen. Then they would weigh options.

Ultimately, they got what they wanted, as the Politico article suggests:

Clinton aides finally started to see Trump as more than a tool to destroy Bush. In fact, Mook took him so seriously that his team’s internal, if informal, guidance was to hold fire on Trump during the primary and resist the urge to distribute any of the opposition research the Democrats were scrambling to amass against him. That hoarding plan remained in place deep into 2016 as some senior aides stayed convinced that a race against Trump would be a dream for Clinton, but as others kept insisting on tweaking the long-term plans against Rubio and Cruz—convinced the GOP would ultimately coalesce around the Floridian.

Opposition research, as in the Russian dossier?

Back to the California stooge. This man is a run of the mill con artist. He sells bogus IDs and such. And you can bet there is no connection to Trump. But Mueller must justify his existence at this point. Honestly, if he gets a few more scam artists off the streets, I’m not mad at him. But he needs to end the part of the “investigation” against President Trump. Then he needs to open a real investigation against the Democrats.

All continuing his farce does is set the Democrats up as the butt of a coming November 2018 election joke.



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