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HIT AND RUN: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Drag Racing While Drunk

HIT AND RUN: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Drag Racing While Drunk

CNN employs a bunch of drunk anchors.

Don Lemon gets drunk on TV and acts a fool. And Chris Cuomo gets drunk at CNN parties, then races his car.

As Page Six reports:

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was boozing at his wife’s swanky magazine party in Southampton before he crashed his classic convertible into a parked SUV during a drag race, sources told The Post.

“They got him away from the scene fast,” a source said. “Everybody heard it. It was a full-blown drag race.”

Cuomo, brother of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, had just left a party hosted by his wife, Cristina, for Beach magazine at Jue Lan Club on May 28 when he got behind the wheel of his 1969 Pontiac Firebird and pulled up alongside a friend’s 1967 Pontiac ­LeMans, sources said.

Photos show a blond woman standing in front of the hot rods with her arms raised high, as if signaling the start of a race.

“I saw that woman rolling around posing and modeling on the car, and then I realized there were two cars, and they pulled into the street,” a witness said.

“We knew it was him. And then they peeled out and went to where the middle of the train station almost is, and right before that, he lost control, and ran into that Mercedes.”

And as is typical when Leftists get caught doing something wrong, Cuomo ran. He left his wife behind to clean up his mess.

As Page Six continues,

Cuomo dented the back of the 2014 Mercedes SUV at the corner of Elm Street and Powell Avenue, the sources said.

His wife told him to leave, according to sources. He drove home in his car, with a cracked radiator leaking fluid, they added.

Cristina stayed and spoke to cops, who later stopped by Cuomo’s home to question him.

“He was drinking, and I believe that’s why he was sent home,” a source said. “Everyone saw the state he was in. When he crashed, it got really quiet.”




I hear Don Lemon in the background. But you can bet not a single CNN employee thought that racing while drunk was a bad idea.

And you can also bet that if Cuomo had run over somebody, every one of those Leftists would be trying to cover up for him.

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