HEAT IS ON: DEMANDS For Adam Schiff to Step Down

HEAT IS ON: DEMANDS For Adam Schiff to Step Down

All revolutions begin with one. They starts with one person willing to go against the grain.

And that’s what just happened to Adam Schiff.

Schiff has been the Democrats’ slut-puppy for the better part of a year. He’s led the charge of Russian collusion by Trump, as the bedrock eroded beneath his feet daily. The man hasn’t had a leg to stand on, yet Schiff continues to validate a fake news narrative about Russian collusion.

So much so that the idea of Trump colluding with the Russians has become comedic. Thus, Russian comedians got involved and punked Schiff.

Two Russian comedian called Schiff and he gleefully plotted against Donald Trump. After finding out he’d been punked, Schiff tried to pretend that he knew what was happening.

The time has finally come for legislators to speak out on the farce, and ask for Schiff to step down. And that just happened.

As Bizpac Review.com reports:

Rep. Matt Gaetz is calling for the House Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat to “step aside” from the Russia investigation in the wake of reports that he discussed obtaining non-existent nude photos of President Trump with a Russian model.

The Florida Republican accused Rep. Adam Schiff of “playing footsies” with Russian pranksters who pretended to be Ukrainian dignitaries in possession of compromising photos of Trump.

“Adam Schiff should step aside as the lead Democrat on the Intel committee as a consequence of this scandal,” Gaetz said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday.

“While our FBI and Justice Department were suffering through an Obama nation, an Obama influence with these attempts to influence investigations, you had Adam Schiff off playing footsies with the Ukrainians, trying to get naked pictures of Donald Trump,” Gaetz said. “Adam Schiff has gone from someone with oversight responsibilities to an actual principal in this investigation engaging with the Ukrainians and I think, for better objectivity, he ought to step aside.”

Carlson had previously slammed the Democratic lawmaker for engaging in the same activities he called treasonous in denouncing the Trump administration. Gaetz agreed with the Fox News host’s spotlight on the hypocrisy.

For now, Gaetz stands alone. But you can bet it won’t be long before others ask the same.

DC has an interesting way to jettison their garbage. They rely on somebody to start the chorus, then others quickly chime in.

Look at how things went for Al Franken, for example. Initially, Democrats backed Franken in the allegations of sexual abuse. But when the narrative shifted, and the Democrats believed they had an angle for Kirsten Gillibrand, Franken was left out in the cold. Gillibrand was to be the next rising star of the Party that Booed God. Democrats plotted to have a new woman, a younger, fresher woman champion the cause of sexual abuse, as they re-targeted President Trump.

Only days later, Franken was ostracized. A cacophony of Democrats called for his resignation. And that was that. Scheme hatched, renewed narrative set to get Trump, and Franken a casualty of war.

Schiff’s scenario sets up closely the same, except it’s a Republican calling for his head.

The Democrats will be reluctant at first, as they prefer to conduct their own jihads. But in this case, they may allow Republican Gaetz to “Kathy Griffin” Adam Schiff, as the Democrats want to appear to fight it.

But Schiff’s time is up. His day in the sunshine getting him terminal skin cancer, and not that fresh bronze tan he sought.

Gaetz argued that Schiff’s “credibility with the American people” has “eroded.”

“I mean, it was only a few weeks ago Adam Schiff was saying if we released the Devin Nunes memo, there would be a national security catastrophe. That’s been proven to be false,” he said, referring to the national security risk he claimed would follow the FISA memo release.

“Time and again he has lost credibility. And I think the fact that he actively engaged with these Ukrainian principals, the fact that he goes on ‘Russia Today,’ the Russian sponsored television channel, to talk about our intelligence system certainly indicates that Adam Schiff should step aside,” Gaetz reiterated.

No truer words have been spoken of Schiff. He’s a laughing stock inside his party, though Democrats won’t publicly admit this just yet. But soon you will see the crack in the dam, as Democrats begin to distance themselves from Schiff and the investigation. Some who have contentious races in 2018 already have. But soon even the Democrat stalwarts will abandon Schiff.

I predict that soon Schiff will step aside. What we witness now are the throes of a dying politician. Schiff bet the political farm on a dream, and things backfired badly.

Schiff”s dismal political future intertwines with Mueller’s fateful and fruitless investigation. Mueller will get out with his reputation intact, as he has no choice but to make the right decision now. But Schiff will be the McCarthy 2.0. History won’t look kindly on him. Other Democrats will be far away when this bomb finally detonates.


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