Democrats PLOT Fails: House Agrees to Release Democrats’ FISA Memo

Democrats PLOT Fails: House Agrees to Release Democrats’ FISA Memo

This story falls under “Be careful what you wish for.”

The Democrats want to tell their side of the story. You know, the side where they cover up trying to push a fake narrative about Donald Trump. 

It amazes me how far the Democrats push this fake news story, all to protect themselves. They truly have no depths to their depravity.

According to Fox News,

The House Intelligence Committee on Monday approved the release of the Democratic rebuttal to the highly-publicized GOP memo that alleges government surveillance abuse during the 2016 campaign.

“We think this will help inform the public of the many distortions and inaccuracies in the majority memo,” California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the panel, told reporters.

The vote was unanimous, he said.

Schiff said Democrats have given the DOJ and the FBI a copy of their counter-memo and have asked them to tell them what redactions should be made for national security reasons.

Rumor is Schiff pulled a fast one, and planted lots of things that will need to be redacted. The idea being that the redactions will make President Trump look like he’s hiding something.

Schiff may be surprised at how poorly received the Democrat version is.

Earlier Monday, during a speech in Ohio, the president celebrated the release of the GOP memo.

“Oh, but did we catch them in the act or what,” the president said. “You know what I’m talking [about]. Oh, did we catch them in the act!”

He added: “They are very embarrassed. They never thought that they were going to get caught. We caught ‘em. Hey, we caught ‘em. Oh its so fun. We’re like the great sleuth.”

And the president is 100 percent correct. Thus, the Democrats continue their games.

With no one to run cover for them, these little cat and mouse games act as mere delays to the inevitable.

The media may not be as kind to the Democrats as they have been in the past. You can bet the White House is ready to respond. And as we’ve learned about President Trump he plays political chess with the prowess of Bobby Fisher.

As pundits begin breaking down the Democrat document, supposedly leaked earlier to NBC, the Democrats will likely find themselves in the hot seat. Proclaiming that Republicans lied will be much more difficult, now that Democrats have offered their rebuttal.

Democrat denials confound most pundits. Between text messages and resignations, one would think the Democrats understand the futility of their position. Therein lies their real problem: credibility.

Given what the Democrats have done, I’m not surprised they choose to go down with a sinking ship. They’ve won for so long, they have forgotten what it feels like to get knocked the hell out. But a knockout it is. The brain just hasn’t registered it yet.


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