Democrats Wear POKER Faces But Scared Sh*tless

Democrats Wear POKER Faces But Scared Sh*tless

Democrats have been embattled for the better part of two years.

Normally Democrats are offensive–double-entendre intended. But over the past two years Democrats have fought on defense, rather than offense.

However, the real problem for Democrats dates back to 2008 when Obama really hit the scene. During that time, Democrats waged many offensive battles under the cover of “darkness”. By darkness, I mean the color of Obama’s skin.

Interestingly, what looked like a cure for all that ailed them, actually damn near killed them. In other words, “Don’t always bet on black.”

Blind faith in a feckless “leader” led the Democrats to the worse 8-year period in their political history. However, the public persona of Democrats disallowed any complaints. Can’t complain about the hand-picked “clean” black man with no Negro dialect.

Post-Obama, Leftists moved their eggs back to the Clinton basket; the Hillary Clinton, that is.

Democrats made a huge mistake, and they knew it. But her fate was sealed, or so Democrats thought. Clinton would be the next president of the United States because, “It’s Her Time!” as the slogan demanded. This fear of a Hillary Clinton presidency caused Leftists to readily jump on board.

Which brings me to the last two years.

Over the last two years of hesitant support of Hillary Clinton, the Left glimpsed the level of corruption lurking beneath the surface. A leviathan hid under the swamp waters, yet the Left ignored it.

Email scandals were dismissed as much ado about nothing. The not-so-adoring Clinton public knew that Clinton should be imprisoned for her reckless behavior.

Next, pay-to-play was called a partisan witch hunt. Undoubtedly Clinton’s State Department cleared the way for massive racketeering by The Clinton Foundation. Wherever Bill Clinton needed interference, Hillary Clinton and team provided it.

The Clinton family went from poverty when they left the White House to a net worth north of hundreds of millions of dollars. Moreover, the Clinton’s did this in full view of the public and under the not-so-watchful eye of Barack Obama.

Imagine the hubris of Hillary Clinton then demanding to be president. And in that pursuit, Hillary Clinton colluded with the DNC to thwart Bernie Sanders. Yet again, Leftists turned a blind eye to crooked Clinton.

Apparently there was nothing the Left were willing to call Clinton out on. Again, most Leftists feared what they thought was the inevitable. A vengeful President Hillary Clinton.

Thankfully, that never happened. But the Democrats created another problem: the cover-up.

As they said with Watergate, the cover-up was bigger than the crime. Nothing could be more true when it comes to the cover-ups under Obama.

Try to imagine all the necessary steps it would take to cover up the scandals involving the Obama administration, many of which directly involved Hillary Clinton.

In no certain order, from Benghazi, the VA scandal, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, the Iranian money dump, and many others, the Democrats have covered up massive malfeasance. Yet, they admit to no wrongdoing. Unbelievably, Obama bragged about having a scandalous administration.

Obama’s declaration now seems laughable. Because Democrats find themselves embroiled in the biggest controversy of their history outside of their support of slavery. Thus, a new civil war rages. And the Democrats find themselves the bad guys yet again.

Democrats represent the party of corruption, a party who weaponized the FBI against Conservatives in general, and against Donald Trump in particular.

But instead of admitting their guilt and apologizing to regain some semblance of being human, the Democrats continue with the cover-up.

They make excuses for the crooked FBI, as if they care about the integrity of the agency. Democrats shifted their strategy of a partisan witch hunt from Hillary Clinton to the FBI. Meanwhile, what started this entire fiasco for the Democrats is their genned up and very fake investigation of so-called collusion between Trump and the Russians.

So in keeping with the lie, Democrats put on their stone faces. They pretend to not be worried about what’s happening. However, in meetings all over the country and many in DC, Democrats strategize on the spin of the release of the FISA memo. They now claim to have their own version of the document. Thus, they call the Republican version, “cherry-picked”. How so?

As Dinesh D’Souza rightly points out.

The fact that Democrats say using the FBI to spy on your political opponents is no big deal means they would unhesitatingly do it again

Bill O’Reilly explains why the Democrats have a reason to fear this release.

The fallout from the @FBI exposure over obtaining a surveillance warrant under false pretenses is twofold: first, it justifies President Trump firing James Comey. And second, it exposes those media people who don’t feel this story is important as complete fraud.

And there were many others who questioned the Democrats. Glenn Greenwald asked a question on the minds of many Americans.

The FBI, and many Democrats, insisted vehemently that release of the Nunes Memo would endanger national security. Now that we’ve all read it, is there anyone who believes that this argument was even remotely true or honest

The Democrats are in big trouble. And unless they confess, things will only get worse.







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