Did Clinton’s SET UP Russians at the Olympics

Did Clinton’s SET UP Russians at the Olympics

In what may make the fake Russian collusion narrative against President Trump look like child’s play, we have a developing scandal.

First, the Russians have been accused of doping for some time. And let’s be honest; they have doped their athletes, generally with steroids.

Apparently they new drug of choice is the drug meldonium. Russians and other Eastern bloc athletes use meldonium to achieve better results. The scandal even hit tennis recently when Sharipova was temporarily banned from the sport due to her use of the product.

According to Outside Online, meldonium does the following:

Meldonium shifts the metabolism, so that it is geared more towards carbohydrate metabolism than fat metabolism. Using carbohydrate as a fuel requires less oxygen to produce energy, so this change can be beneficial in low oxygen conditions. In heart disease, the heart muscle is deprived of oxygen, and the effects of meldonium have been shown to be very beneficial in this disease state. There is also evidence to suggest that meldonium could be equally beneficial under the low oxygen conditions induced by intense endurance exercise.

One review of the effects of meldonium on exercise performance listed the following benefits:

  • Decreased levels of lactate and urea in blood

  • Improved economy of glycogen: level of glycogen increased in the cells during the long-lasting exercise

  • Increased endurance properties and aerobic capabilities of athletes

  • Improved functional parameters of heart activity

  • Increased physical work capabilities

  • Increased rate of recovery after maximal and sub-maximal loads

  • Activates CNS functions and protects against stress

So this drug appears to be a good thing for maintaining a healthy heart. However, it does provide an advantage to athletes who take it, thus the ban.

I can see runners and other athletes where strength and endurance counts taking the drug. But curlers?

As STL Today reports,

A Norwegian curler who lost out on the Olympic bronze medal to a Russian rival charged with doping said Tuesday he feels robbed of his moment of glory.

Magnus Nedregotten and his partner finished fourth in mixed doubles last week after losing 8-4 to Alexander Krushelnitsky and his wife, Anastasia Bryzgalova. The Court of Arbitration for Sport said Monday that Krushelnitsky failed a doping test. Russian officials said he tested positive for meldonium, which was banned in 2016, and that his “B” sample confirmed the result.

In a telephone interview from Norway, Nedregotten said that if Krushelnitsky is found guilty, then “they’ve robbed us of our moment of glory, receiving our medal in the stadium.”

“That’s not cool,” Nedregotten said. “That’s hard to accept, feeling that you’ve been kept out of the light.”

I have jokingly said that it would shock me to find out that my favorite professional bowler “juiced”. Or what about a drag racer? Curling certainly falls into that category.

I’m not sure I buy this.

The article continues,

Russians are participating at the Pyeongchang Games as “Olympic Athletes from Russia.” The International Olympic Committee suspended the Russian Olympic Committee last year in connection with a massive doping scheme at the 2014 Sochi Games but allowed 168 athletes to compete in neutral uniforms and without the national flag.

Krushelnitsky is likely to lose his medal because of the positive test, Russian Curling Federation senior vice president Andrei Sozin told the AP.

“I think that the sanctions will be that the medals will be taken away,” Sozin said.

“Curling players don’t need meldonium, we don’t need to be faster, higher, stronger, this isn’t what we do,” Sozin added. “But how to explain what they have found in Alexander’s blood — he’s an absolutely honest athlete and a great guy — no one, including the athlete himself, understands.”

Sozin said he believed U.S. security services had somehow “put something” into Krushelnitsky’s water or tampered with his drug test sample. He didn’t speculate on how that could have happened.

In the old days I might have dismissed the allegations by the Russians. But given what the FBI tried to do to the Donald Trump, I put nothing pass them.

Why wouldn’t the FBI collude with Hillary Clinton to make the Russians look like dope fiends? I can see the text messages now.

Strzok: Let’s just plant some meldonium in Air Force One.

Page: Yeah, then we dope up some Russian’s vodka, and blame Trump.

Stzok: Think Steele can get to work on a dossier that ties Trump to dope-dealing Russian mobsters trafficking in meldonium?

Page: Sure. The media will buy any story we create about Trump LOL

Let’s be clear: there is no reason for a Russian to dope in curling! A sport that has all the excitement of watching a sloth climb a tree.

But when the Clintons need a scandal, they will just create one. And when the scandal involves Russians, all the better.

Don’t be shocked with Special Counsel Robert Mueller head to South Korea for “new developments” in the investigation into Russian collusion.





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