FBI Worried: Fear of Lasting Damage

FBI Worried: Fear of Lasting Damage

The FBI should fear lasting damage. Talk about sullying one’s reputation.

Not since the days of Hoover have people considered the FBI so corrupt. But that all ended under Barack Obama.

AS the Washington Post wrote:

In the 109 years of the FBI’s existence, it has repeatedly come under fire for abuses of power, privacy or civil rights. From Red Scares to recording and threatening to expose the private conduct of Martin Luther King Jr. to benefiting from bulk surveillance in the digital age, the FBI is accustomed to intense criticism.

What is so unusual about the current moment, say current and former law enforcement officials, is the source of the attacks.

The bureau is under fire not from those on the left but rather conservatives who have long been the agency’s biggest supporters, as well as the president who handpicked the FBI’s leader.

Conservatives are about law and order. And as the article suggests, we have fought on behalf of the FBI and law enforcement in general.

Interestingly, the Left pretend to care about the FBI. Democrats funded anti-police groups like Black Lives Matter and others. Further, the Democrats who put targets on the back of law enforcement since the Michael Brown Jr incident.

Aside from their open disdain, these Democrat-funded groups target and kill police. But now Democrats want us to believe they have concern for the reputation of the FBI? Sure, the same way they care about the reputation of local law enforcement. “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

But Republicans have been stalwart in standing up for law enforcement at all levels. That support has undoubtedly waned in the wake of the Hillary Clinton controversy, and new revelations related to Donald Trump.

The article continues,

Republican critics charge that the birth of the investigation into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and agents of the Russian government was fatally infected by the political bias of senior FBI officials — and President Trump tweeted Saturday that the release of a memo on the issue “totally vindicates ‘Trump.’ ”

Bureau officials say the accusations in the document produced by House Republicans are inaccurate and — more damaging in the long term — corrode the agency’s ability to remain independent and do its job.

One law enforcement official summed it up bluntly: “There’s a lot of anger. The irony is it’s a conservative-leaning organization, and it’s being trashed by conservatives. At first it was just perplexing. Now there’s anger, because it’s not going away.”

Add this infamy to all the other crimes of the liberal establishment – its poisonous influence has converted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in the eyes of the American people, from a proud institution dedicated to upholding the law into just another suppurating bureaucratic pustule. Where once we saw FBI agents as heroes – many of us ancients grew up watching Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., every Sunday night – now we see careerist hacks looking to suck-up to the Democrat elite while bending the law and subverting justice to do it. Truly, everything liberals touch dies.

Schlichter is right. What Leftists touch, dies. And the sad truth is they know it.

On Friday, FBI Director Christopher A. Wray sent a video message to those he leads, urging them to “keep calm and tackle hard.”

“You’ve all been through a lot in these past nine months, and I know that’s been unsettling, to say the least. And the past few days haven’t done much to calm those waters. So I want to make sure that you know where I stand, and what I want us to do.”

People understand that FBI agents carry their personal biases. However, the public expects people who enter law enforcement to leave their personal issues outside their duty. Thus, most FBI agents see their mission as fundamentally nonpolitical. But can we trust that any longer?

These days everything is political. Capitalism, academia, even the military. What haven’t Leftist politicized and ruined, to reiterate the earlier point of Schlichter and something I have said for the better part of a decade?

For decades, the FBI has been trusted to investigate corruption inside the government, even at the highest levels. This included the White House, as in the 1970s, the FBI’s probe of the Watergate break-in led to the impeachment of President Nixon.

In the late 1990s, President Bill Clinton was investigated, hesitantly. Then-director Louis Freeh had every reason to investigate the lying Clinton, but public opinion kept him from doing his job.

Focus would shift for the FBI in the wake of the 9-11 attacks.

The bureau concentrated more on domestic terrorism. Some say the FBI got a bit of its reputation back at this time only to ruin it over the past two years.

It will take years for the FBI to recover from this scandal. In order to do so, the bureau will need to distance itself from Leftists, and begin telling the truth to the American people. If they are the non-political agency they were once thought to be, this will be an easy choice. But making it would doom the Democrats, and likely create lots of enemies.

Thankfully, most of the new enemies of the FBI will be in prison this year.


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