Terror Group Antifa Pepper-Sprayed the Wrong Dude [VIDEO]

Terror Group Antifa Pepper-Sprayed the Wrong Dude [VIDEO]

What pleasure I get watching Antifa get their asses kicked.

This terror group hides its faces, then goes around like an organized gang of thugs. Individually, they are snowflakes who wouldn’t dare do what they do en masse.

But when this group decided to pepper-spray a big Samoan, they found out how bad things can get.


I love seeing one of the first Antifa punks on the left side of the frame get hit with a left jab. Here’s my play-by-play.

After being provoked by one of the Antifa people who pepper-spray him and attacked his friend, the Samoan runs over in sandals and begins stomping on a downed Antifa punk.

One of the Antifa people runs up behind him to start fighting. The Samoan turns to see the pest, then punches the masked marauder once. The man then wobbles out of frame.

Next, the Samoan goes after a bigger Antifa terrorist who tried to get in a sneaky punch. When the Samoan hits him with a left jab, he backs up, shocked that two people would dare fight the lot of them. Safety in numbers? Perhaps not.

The Samoan says, “What’s up Mother—-! What’s up Mother—-! What’s up!”

At this point, someone who looks like a woman, yells, “Hey! Hey, what are you doing? Hey. What are you doing? Stop. Cause that’s not ok!”

Sure, now Antifa is the victim.

The masked group carrying weapons and pepper-spray and using it on people doing nothing to them want to know “What are you doing?”. 

What a lesson about Leftists. No matter how bad they behave, they remain victims. They picked a fight with two people willing to fight back, and have the nerve to ask, “What are you doing?”.

Fighting back is what these men were doing. And the Left are not used to people fighting back. This is why I say to Conservatives all the time, FIGHT BACK! Be ready to fight.

Notice that even having superior numbers, once the Antifa terrorists felt fist on face, they turned and ran. That’s what scumbag rats do when confronted. They scurry.

In the aftermath, you can see the damage done to one of the people who stood up against these cowards. He had a gash to his head, a wound inflicted by a baton-wielding terrorist wearing a mask.

And yet the Antifa gang stood there acting as if they had been wronged.


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