How Trump DEFEATED Democrats and the Deep State

How Trump DEFEATED Democrats and the Deep State

I’ve seen what happens when people underestimate an opponent.

Time spent training as a warrior has shown me this time and time again. Underestimate one’s opponent, and don’t be surprised when “game over” appears inside closed eyelids and you’re down on the mat.

Democrats continue to learn a cruel lesson when dealing with Donald Trump. Never underestimate your opponent.

Trump is a trained warrior. Thus, he would never underestimate the cunning of the Democrats. In fact, he acknowledged their conniving ways in a debate with Hillary Clinton. Recall where he extolled Hillary Clinton’s ability to fight. Crooked and ruthless, but nonetheless worthy.

Next, Trump knows his skillset, and what’s lacking of his opponent’s.

Look back at how Trump used the media, even when bad. His message got through, but he made sure that the many crooked facets of Clinton shined through.

Despite the media onslaught, Trump trusted his training. Trump has applied warrior concepts to his daily routine, so much so they are second-nature to him. The Democrats oblige Trump, as they consistently underestimate the man.

One of Trump’s favorite quotes is, “A leader has the right to be beaten, but never the right to be surprised.”

You can bet that nothing the Left has done surprises any more. Trump waits, onstantly prepared for battle; metaphorical shield and sword bedside when he sleeps.

Most interesting to me is the ease at which President Trump toys with the Left.

Battle-ready from dozens if not hundreds of small negotiations daily. As Daniel Ashman writes at American Thinker,

Trump has a fondness for Sun Tzu.  Here is a quote is I am sure he approves of: “Hold out baits to entice the enemy.  Feign disorder, and crush him.”  This is the hidden strategy.

Not only did Trump not stop Democrats’ attack on him, but he actually forced them to prosecute it.  He gathered Democrat swamp monsters into a single group, under his control, pointed them in a direction, and off they went.  From this perspective, the more anti-Trump the investigators are, the better.

The Democrats are well into their attack, ranting, chasing, running through the mountain pass.  But they are looking at a mirage.  Trump isn’t there.  They still haven’t noticed that Trump is president; Trump and his team are on top of the overlooks on either side.

The ambush against Democrats is well underway.  The truth about Mueller’s investigation is coming out, and it is highly damaging, be it about Mueller team members Peter Strzok and Lisa Page exchanging texts calling Trump a “loathsome human,” Andrew McCabe testifying about a meeting in his office where FBI agents said they “can’t take that risk” of Trump becoming president, or Mueller obtaining thousands of Trump transition team emails in an improper manner.

Democrats are not prepared for these developments.  The mainstream media are forced to black it out.  Eric Holder and James Comey post juvenile tweets.

I have said something similar on my radio show. That Trump pretends to be dead, so prey will come near him. Then he strikes like a serpent.

Trump speaks in ambiguity on many issues. This is a learned tactic. It allows him necessary outs, while signaling that a deal is possible. But only under certain circumstances that he hasn’t quite exposed.

The article continues,

This is how Trump wants it.  Remember: during the campaign, Trump emphasized how he wouldn’t tell America’s enemies what his plans were.  Sun Tzu says, “These military devices, leading to victory, must not be divulged beforehand.”  Part of the reason the situation is confusing is that Trump wants it to be confusing.

After the ambush comes the counterattack.  Trump’s troops have been positioned.  The preparations are being completed.  The enemy is placed in a vulnerable spot.

The Justice Department’s inspector general report will come out soon, ostensibly with highly damaging information on Democrat operatives.  Congressmen are getting increasingly fed up with prevarication by Deep State bureaucrats.  Congress is practically begging Trump to pursue Democrat corruption more aggressively.

Remember when people screamed that Mueller stacked the deck against the president?

Sure he did. President Trump got Mueller to assemble a lot of swamp creatures into one area: the kill zone. Now who finds themselves in the kill zone?

Jared Kushner? Donald Trump, Jr? I haven’t heard the name Manafort in weeks, and General Michael Flynn exists only as an afterthought. However, things don’t bode well for the Left.

Disgraced former FBI Director Comey lawyered up as did Peter Strzok. McCabe resigned. My bet is McCabe requests immunity and witness protection soon. Rumors are that Rosenstein may be next to fly the coop. In short, Democrats now scramble to exit stage left with as much of their flesh as they can manage.

They all fear what comes out in the FISA memo. And you can bet that hardly a high-level Obama administration person will go untouched. Further, most of Clinton’s staff will soon be looking for representation soon, and I’m not talking literary agents.

The Democrats overplayed their hands. They thought they were bullying Donald Trump, but he lured them into false confidence. Now he strikes.


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