Leftist Open Borders Politician Beheaded in Africa

Leftist Open Borders Politician Beheaded in Africa

What is it going to take for Leftists to realize their ideas suck. For one Leftist, she needed to lose her head to learn the truth.

Zaida Catalán is, correction, was a Green Party politician who advocated heavily for equality with others and open borders. Catalan was killed and beheaded when she was kidnapped along with her partner while on a UN mission to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in March 2017.

On 12 March 2017 they both were on a mission near the village Ngombe in the Kasai Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Two weeks later both were found.


According to the New York Times:

The Congo, which Catalan was investigating, has a long history of conflict and suffering. The country is the focus of the most expensive peacekeeping operation in the world. But the mission, called Monusco, has often been criticized for turning a blind eye to human rights abuses committed by government forces and rebels alike.

 Ms. Catalán, a former Green Party activist in Sweden who had been working as a United Nations expert for less than a year, quickly got sucked into an extraordinarily dangerous world that she was woefully unprepared for.

She worked assiduously to untangle a murky web of local politicians, rebel leaders and government ministers, trying to pin down perpetrators so that the Security Council could impose sanctions on them. Her tools often boiled down to a pen that doubled as a recorder, and a determined line of inquiry that ended up putting her life in danger.

Of course no one deserves to suffer like this. Though Ms. Catalan’s situation is truly unfortunate you cannot ignore the irony.

Catalan belonged to a Green Party movement in Sweden. The Green Party is considered a far-left political platform who advocate heavily on equality and pro-open border policies.

Equality is one of the cornerstones of the Greens’ ideology. In line with this, the Greens are the most pro-immigration party, enthusiastically supporting open borders (or a world without borders).

 Its manifesto endorsed a liberalization of asylum laws (an automatic right to a permanent residence permit if an asylum seeker hasn’t been deported within 2 years, facilitating family reunification, people born and permanently residing in Sweden should automatically obtain citizenship); better integration (easier access to housing and jobs for new arrivals) and fighting discrimination.

These naive people believe the world to be civilized. But there is a reason most of Africa has open borders: nobody wants to go.

Countries where people want to live need to have an immigration policy that vets incoming people.

These bleeding heart Leftists test their theories, and almost universally harm befalls them. Take for instance the story of journalist Amanda Kijera. While on a humanitarian trip to Haiti to prove to the world Haitian people are loving and tolerant, Kijera is attacked and raped. 

“Amanda Kijera is a journalist and ended up taking a humanitarian trip to Haiti. The point of her trip was to prove to the world “the myths that violence against women on the island was not a problem.” She also sought out to prove that the black men there were not the “savages” she read about from many sources.

 However, Kijera’s trip took a turn for the worse when one of the men she had worked to protect cornered her on the rooftop, and raped her numerous times.

 “It hurt. She said. “The experience was almost more than I could bear. I begged him to stop. Afraid he would kill me, I pleaded with him to honor my commitment to Haiti, to him as a brother in the mutual struggle for an end to our common oppression, but to no avail. He didn’t care that I was a Malcolm X scholar. He told me to shut up, and then slapped me in the face. Overpowered, I gave up fighting halfway through the night.”

What a brutal wake-up call for both these woman to the realities of the real world.

Sadly, it takes something traumatic for Leftists to believe how cruel the world truly is in some areas.

We all embrace the concept of living together in peace and harmony with other cultures all over the world. But life is not a Coke commercial. Unfortunately most of the world is not civilized. And until those cultures embrace Western ideals, nothing will change.

Of the 65 million refugees in the world, the majority come from Third World, uncivilized countries. The fortunate few who make it to civilized areas of the world don’t look back. For those who squander their relocation, you can bet thousands would love to replace them and embrace their new cultures. And were it not for Leftism, many would gladly assimilate.





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