Robert Mueller’s Ace Attorney Linked to Mafia Corruption

Robert Mueller’s Ace Attorney Linked to Mafia Corruption

The corruption in DC is extensive and incestuous. Hardly anybody is free from entanglements.

Unfortunately for taxpaying Americans that means bureaucrats get the mine and we get the shaft.

In what has become minimally weekly revelations we learn of more corruption by the Left, in this case involving Andrew Weissman. In the past Weissman was accused of using “corrupt legal practices” in a case involving the Colombo crime family. Further, he withheld evidence:

Investigative reporter Sara Carter reports:

The top attorney in Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s office was reported to the Department of Justice’s Inspector General by a lawyer representing whistleblowers for alleged “corrupt legal practices” nearly a decade before the 2016 presidential election, this reporter has learned. […]

Civil rights and criminal defense attorney David Schoen, was the lawyer who reported Weissmann. Schoen met with Inspector General Michael Horowitz and several FBI officials to discuss Weismann in 2015. […]

A court memorandum and order, which has never been made public before it was obtained by this reporter, reveals that Chief Judge Charles P. Sifton, who presided over the case, reprimanded Weissmann for failing to disclose that Gregory Scarpa, Sr., a witness on behalf of the prosecution, was also working for years as an FBI informant. Scarpa’s moniker in the mafia underworld was ‘grim reaper’ and ‘Hannibal.’ He was accused of being connected to more than 100 gruesome murders related to his work for the Persico faction of the Colombo mafia crime familyreports stated.

Sifton denied the defendants’ the extraordinary relief of dismissing the case, but he singled out Weissmann for withholding information. The judge described then AUSA Weissmann’s conduct as the “myopic withholding of information” and “reprehensible and subject, perhaps, to appropriate disciplinary measures,” according to the opinion obtained by this reporter.

Consider that Robert Mueller made Weissman his right-hand attorney in his witch hunt against President Trump.

But here’s what may be the most interesting part of this puzzle:

“The FBI had to redo their whole guidelines on the use of informants over this,” said Schoen. “Weissmann and crew did not just withhold evidence.  They actively allowed a mafia killer to remain on the street killing.”

I suggest that the FBI will have to revamp its procedures once the dust settles on Mueller’s current witch hunt. Like with the Mafia, Weissman and the entire FBI allowed Hillary Clinton to remain on the streets. And she’s a far worse criminal than any Mafioso.

As for Weissman, interestingly he withholds evidence when it’s convenient for him and his Mafia clients, but he also leaks evidence when it suits his needs.

According to Paul Sperry of the New York Posreported, Weissmann is under investigation for “media leaks.”

“BREAKING: Congress investigating Mueller “pit bull” investigator Andrew Weissmann for media leaks. Weissmann held April 11 private presser w major media–week before CNN, WaPo,NYT reported FISA on Page bolstered by dossierWeissmann attended Hillary’s election night party in NYC,” tweeted Sperry.

I’m sure Robert Mueller is investigating this with the tenacity of a homeless crackhead.

And what of Weissman’s politics? Would it surprise you to learn that Weissman is a big supporter of Hillary Clinton?

As the Left would say, “Nothing to see here.”

Just another crooked attorney tied to the Clintons. And just another crooked attorney hired by Mueller to investigate Trump on information provided by a fake dossier.



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