NOT ENOUGH: Prof Who Wanted Trump Dead Apologizes

NOT ENOUGH: Prof Who Wanted Trump Dead Apologizes

Americans need to slam the hammer of Thor on the heads of those who wish the president dead.

Enough is enough. 

Never in 8 years under the worst president in American history, did I wish Obama harm. Yet, not a day went by, after President Trump’s election,  where some dumb-ass Leftist didn’t wish President Trump dead. That’s a true statement, though the media only reported on the most notable.

In hopes of selling more CDs, Snoop Dogg shoots President Trump in a video. And who will ever forget Kathy Griffin’s jihad pose with President Trump’s head. Imagine if anything close to that were done to Obama. Career loss would be the least of Griffin’s worries.

The public believes that America has an appetite for killing President Trump. And that’s why this latest story interests me.

Most of the threats against Trump are ignored by the media. And certainly those threatening him don’t apologize for it. But according to Fox News, this professor has apologized.

A Northeastern University professor who was caught on video during a lecture saying that he wouldn’t mind seeing President Trump “dead” is apologizing amid a social media backlash and a statement from the school distancing itself from the remarks.

Barry Bluestone, an economics professor and founding director of Northeastern’s Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy, made the controversial comments during a Jan. 31 lecture on the challenges posed by economic inequality and stagnation.

“Sometimes I want to just see him impeached other times, quite honestly — I hope there are no FBI agents here — I wouldn’t mind seeing him dead,” Bluestone was quoted by multiple news agencies as saying in a YouTube video of the event that has since been yanked offline by the Boston school.

The journalist sitting next to him during the lecture, Robert Kuttner, then quickly added “of natural causes”, which Bluestone affirmed by repeating and nodding, according to Campus Reform.

Thanks to Campus Reform for outing these anti-American Leftists.

This man hid his real wishes in a joke. “I hope there are no FBI agents here — I wouldn’t mind seeing him dead.” That was no joke at all.

Also an interesting comment, given that the Secret Service protect the president, not the FBI. And if there were FBI agents there, based on what we know about them, they might have applauded.

Fox News continues,

But Bluestone told Fox News on Thursday afternoon that the comments were made in the “heat of the moment at the end of a two-hour lecture” and that they are being “misconstrued” as a violent threat.

“I meant to say I would have liked to see the president disappear from the White House,” he said, noting that he has “apologized to everyone for using that term.”

Bluestone added that “everybody knows me as a proponent of non-violent action” and that he just wants to see “more people standing up and protesting” Trump’s policies and “racism” and getting to the voting booths during election time.

“This president has created such deep divisions in the country,” Bluestone told Fox News. “I’ve never seen in my life such anger and division.”

If there is division within America, Trump inherited it.

These Leftists accepted the blatant racism of Barack Obama, and said nothing. Now they want to project their idiocy on President Trump’s America. 

For me, an apology is not enough. No additional words can “clear up” what this man meant. He said what he meant. And not to profess “non-violence” is patently ridiculous. Then to cloak his cowardice in the fake narrative of Trump racism disgusts me.

How many of these campus stories do we need in order to act? This professor needs to be fired, at least, if not jailed.

We’ve risen up at the polls, but our jobs don’t end there. It’s time we win America back at the institution level.


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