Piers Morgan SLAMS Omarosa: ‘lying, conniving, backstabbing piece of work’

Piers Morgan SLAMS Omarosa: ‘lying, conniving, backstabbing piece of work’

I’m sure anybody who watched Omarosa on Celebrity Apprentice knew this was coming.

Her career in shambles after being dismissed from the Trump administration, Omarosa failed rehab.

By rehab I mean her stint at Conservatism, ergo decency.

But now that Omarosa has decided to go on her newest publicity tour, others have struck back. For example Piers Morgan.

According to The Daily Mail, Omarosa and Morgan had a contemptuous relationship during their stint together on Celebrity Apprentice.

‘Shut the f**k up, a**hole,’ snarled Omarosa Manigault-Newman at me. ‘How are your kids going to feel when they wake up and discover their dad’s a f**king f*gg*t?’

Yes, this is the same Omarosa Manigault-Newman who just spent a year inside Donald Trump’s White House.

I’ve met a lot of vile human beings in my life, from dictators and terrorists to sex abusers and wicked conmen.

But I’ve never met anyone quite so relentlessly loathsome as Omarosa; a vicious, duplicitous, lying, conniving, backstabbing piece of work.

I know Donald Trump’s reality-show plan for Omarosa, and it worked.

For Trump, hiring Omarosa represented him “giving back” to the community.

She showcased the prototypical black Leftist, but not the one you normally see on YouTube, fighting with one hand as she carries a two-year-old on her hip. No, Omarosa was more the Rich Housewives of Atlanta black chick. Fake news “civilized”, but representin’ beautifully.

Morgan continues,

Omarosa sidled up to me at the New York Mercantile Exchange and said, quite seriously: ‘Piers, do you want a showmance?’ ‘A what?’ I replied. ‘A showmance. You know, a romance on the show – we get it on together. Happens all the time on Apprentice. Everyone has sex together. Then we can make lots of money out of it.’ I stared at her grasping, ferociously ambitious little eyes, and laughed: ‘You must be joking, you deluded woman.’ She didn’t take it well. ‘What are you? Gay?’

From that moment, she turned on me like a viper.

I can honestly say I’ve never been spoken to in my life like the disgusting, foul-mouthed, homophobic way Omarosa spat at me throughout the weeks of filming.

Because I’d rejected her revolting sex plot, she decided the best line of attack was to repeatedly question my sexuality in the most crude and offensive manner imaginable.

At the time, I was separated from my ex wife, and mother of three of my four children – a fact Omarosa seized on with glee.

‘The mother of your children hates you Piers,’ she giggled on camera one morning, ‘and your children f**king hate you, they’re embarrassed by you. Is there another man raising your children?’

Anybody doubt Morgan’s narrative about what happened? I don’t.

You know how easy it is to get Leftist Brits into a tizzy, so I can imagine Morgan’s tender sensibilities as he listened to Omarosa explain the plot. 

My bet is Omarosa had no intention of following through with her suggestion. I think she likely just wanted to see could she offend Morgan and throw him off his game. Because whatever his answer, she stood ready to capitalize.

Ironically, she did capitalize. She caught the attention of the man who would be king.

For most of us, the idea of being part of what I predict will be the best presidency of the modern era would be “winning” enough. But not for those who have Leftism in their core.

Omarosa could be using her White House experience for good. Instead, she does what Leftists do: create controversy.

Like what she said about Vice President Pence:

Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman has a warning for Trump haters longing for an impeachment: Be careful what you wish for. You could end up with Mike Pence, whom she describes as “scary” and “extreme.”

“As bad as y’all think Trump is, you would be worried about Pence,” she told her housemates on CBS’ Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. “Everybody that’s wishing for impeachment might want to reconsider their life. We would be begging for days of Trump if Pence became president, that’s all I’m saying. He’s extreme.”

How many sane people do you know who go from policy-maker and having the ear of the president to bottom of the barrel reality TV?

In case Omarosa didn’t know it, she gone backwards of backwards.

I feel like I’m watching Meryl Streep win an Oscar, then next star in some cheesy porn flick.

What’s funny about this is Trump will win. People will see that Trump tried to pull a Pretty Woman with Omarosa. But she remains a street hustler.

Piers Morgan wins in a strange way, because he now can come clean about black chick Leftism. Was Morgan planning on taking that information about Omarosa propositioning him to the grave?

And in the spirit of Weinstein, are their men out there with careers in ruin because of Omarosa? Ok, what about men whose lives are in ruin because of her?

Admittedly, Morgan is right about Omarosa. But he doesn’t understand Trump’s strategy with her. Ironically, it worked.








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