Scariest Poll of the Year for Democrats Just Released

Scariest Poll of the Year for Democrats Just Released

If you are listening to the Democrats, there are a lot of things they didn’t like about the president’s speech at last night’s State of the Union address.

But what should bother them most is the poll released shortly thereafter.

President Trump received a 75 percent approval for his SOTU speech. That’s really bad news for Democrats. But inside the numbers reveals far deeper problems.

According to the poll 43 percent of Democrats liked the president’s speech. That number is huge. At best, Trump likely carried only 30 percent of the Democrat vote on November 8, 2016. So the idea that he now carries an additional 13 percent is huge. Add to this the recent poll showing the twice as many blacks support Trump now than on election day, and you see the problem for the Democrats.

Next, 72 percent of Independents liked the speech. Again, a big increase over the Independents who supported Trump a year ago.

How do you think those numbers jive with the fake news polls?

Consider Steve Schmidt of MSNBC who actually called the speech “divisive” and thought it was coming from an “alternate reality.”

SCHMIDT: “The president went in there as presidents do and addresses the nation. But left unsaid was that this president comes in, the most unpopular president this early in his tenure in the history of polling. 

 Somebody who is besieged by a criminal investigation, talking about the importance of our law enforcement organizations and institutions while at the same time the Republican majority working with the White House is engaged in a full-on assault trying to discredit the FBI, the Justice Department, doing everything they conceivably can to insulate the president from these investigations.

 Across the depth and breadth of this, you saw a divisive speech, the wedge issue of immigration, the scare tactics of ms-13. There was no talk in this speech about the challenges the country faces over the next five years, ten years, 15 years.

And more than anything, there was a speech delivered almost from an alternate reality, a fifth dimension that presumes that nothing we heard from this president has actually in fact happened. And the American people know it.

Schmidt may have listened to President Trump, but he didn’t bother to hear.

But there is one more number to consider. The Republicans. So what about that Republican base?

With 97 percent of Republicans liking the speech, that means Trump has undoubtedly shored up his base. Given the anti-Trump and Never Trumpers, the fact that Trump has such overwhelming support from a supposedly fractured party speaks volumes. The Democrats would sacrifice much for such unity.

Recall a poll taken after Trump was in office just 6 months trying to convince the public he was the most hated president in history:

According to the Washington Post/ABC poll, President Trump’s new approval rating is 36%.

“Approaching six months in office, Trump’s overall approval rating has dropped to 36 percent from 42 percent in April. His disapproval rating has risen five points to 58 percent. Overall, 48 percent say they “disapprove strongly” of Trump’s performance in office, a level never reached by former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and reached only in the second term of George W. Bush in Post-ABC polling.”

Democrats believed their polls in 2016, and that ended poorly.

Now a CBS poll, obviously biased against Trump yields amazingly pro-Trump numbers. So what are the real numbers?

The good news for President Trump is the real numbers don’t matter. Because they will only get better.

At the SOTU, President Trump stayed true to the course he set. While Democrats behaved like petulant children, they have no choice but to come around. Truthfully, Democrats are happy Obama is gone. They celebrate a real president, but can’t share their joy.

However, soon they will admit their support for President Trump. To do so will be acceptable.

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