Still Losing: The Science Behind Hillary Clinton’s Strange Behavior

Still Losing: The Science Behind Hillary Clinton’s Strange Behavior

It’s 2018 and the 2016 presidential election feels ancient. That’s why it’s hard to understand why Hillary is still analyzing the election.

However, Psychology just might offer a few answers.

Nearly 23 million Americans suffer from some sort of personality disorder. Perhaps Hillary Clinton is one of them. In fact, it is highly plausible that Clinton suffers from ASPD, otherwise known as Antisocial Personality Disorder.

The Symptoms

People with ASPD often show disregard for the law.

For the sake of time, let’s just talk about emails.

Hillary Clinton set up a personal server at her house, in her bathroom basement closet. She chose that system instead of using secured government servers for classified communications. Clinton called this move, “bad judgment”.

When confronted about the server, she deleted 33,000 emails, bleachbit the hard-drives, and destroyed her mobile phones with hammers.

While Clinton was under investigation for her servers, her husband met with the Attorney General, supposedly to discuss “golf and grandbabies”. So apparently “golf and grandbabies” is code for “getting Hillary Clinton’s case dismissed by the FBI”!

Prior to the server incident, Clinton came under fire for getting 4 State Department employees killed. They blamed the incident on a videographer in California, ignoring 9-11 as a potential security threat in a Muslim country. Worse, Clinton ignored over 600 pleas for more security from the Ambassador to the country.

In all instances, Clinton pretended to be unaware of her many violations, or dismissed them as meaningless oversights. People died due to her negligence, and she profited from it.


People with ASPD are deceitful, shown by lying repeatedly or conning others for personal gain or pleasure.

At this point, it seems Clinton would make an excellent case study for ASPD.

How many times did she claim “it was allowed” in reference to storing classified emails on her personal server? Further, she repeatedly claimed she never sent or received classified materials through her server. But the lies don’t end there.

Recall Clinton’s claim of landing “under sniper fire” in Bosnia. Of course, videos showing a child greeting her on the Tarmac refute her claims.

Additionally, Clinton once said all her grandparents were immigrants, when in fact, only one of her grandparents immigrated. A slight technicality, if Clinton were known for truth. But for a person with ASPD, just another way to stretch the story.

People with ASPD do not feel remorse, shown by indifference to or rationalization of hurting or mistreating others.

Dare we mention the Clinton body count? A pile of dead bodies might fall under the category of hurting or mistreating others. And you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to connect the dots between the Clinton’s and many of the deaths surrounding them.

The list starts in 1977 when a beautiful, young, Suzanne Coleman was shot in the back of the head. Her “suicide” happened after she had an affair with Bill Clinton. Seven months pregnant and she supposedly shot herself from behind. That’s quite the feat. Some say Coleman’s baby was the lovechild of Bill and Suzanne.

Of course, most of the entries on the list are political foe. For example, Paul Wilcher tried to investigate gun running in Arkansas. Instead he was found dead on a toilet. Actually, there are sixteen aircraft crashes, and twenty suicides among the causes of death. And, these deaths took out 23 witnesses, 13 lawyers, 22 bodyguards and 7 other women. That doesn’t even include the 56 military/police deaths Clinton is responsible for.

That’s certainly enough to prove Crooked Hillary rationalizes hurting others.

Still Losing

Hillary Clinton has stacked the deck in her favor her entire life. Where she noted her shortcomings, she shored them up with others, like her husband. Under his tutelage, Clinton ventured into politics. She mimicked the great deceiver, Bill Clinton, the best she could. And when that failed, she built a team of willing assassins.

Clinton was shoe-horned into a Senate seat, then given the Secretary of State job. While Secretary of State Clinton worked with her husband to run a racketeering organization where her family made hundreds of millions of dollars. This after declaring she and her husband left the presidency broke. Problem solve.

Next, she connived to win the Democratic Party’s nomination. She did this by disadvantaging Bernie Sanders. Clinton essentially bought the DNC, and that was the end of the line for Sanders.

Clinton maneuvered to make Donald Trump the Republican nominee. Her team did this because they thought Trump would be the easiest opponent. When they realized Trump was tougher than a $3 steak, they began the cheat. Donna Brazile gave Clinton the debate questions, and she still lost.

When the Democrats understood that Trump might possibly win, they went to the nuclear option. They started the narrative that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. Why not place what the Clinton team was actually doing on Donald Trump. He would be a casualty of war.

The President of the United States helped Clinton commit her criminal acts. He weaponized the Department of Justice, the FBI, the FISA courts, the NSA, and countless other agencies. With what would have sent most candidates to the nut house, Trump triumphed.

When things didn’t work out like she hoped, Clinton offered a litany of excuses.

The FBI, James Comey, misogyny, white people, the media, the unicorn vote, Sasquatch intimidated her voters, and so on. But what Clinton won’t admit is that although she tilted the playing field in her favor in every way possible, she still lost. Repeat, SHE lost.

And that loss psyched her out.









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