Teacher Arrested for Demanding Respect for Flag

Teacher Arrested for Demanding Respect for Flag

A teacher in Colorado is facing child abuse charges.

Her crime? She forced a student to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Karen Smith is a twenty year veteran of teaching. Obviously, she’s had a front row ticket to observe the degeneration of moral values among our youth. Sadly, her efforts to enforce forgotten values landed her behind bars.

As Breitbart explains:

Karen Smith, a physical education teacher at Angevine Middle School in Lafayette, Colorado, is accused of grabbing a student by his jacket and forcing him to stand during the recitation and then forcibly removing him from the classroom afterward.

The Boulder Valley School District released a statement saying they were cooperating with authorities:

Today we learned that the Boulder County District Attorney’s office has formally charged Angevine Middle School Physical Education Teacher Karen Smith. Ms. Smith has served Boulder Valley School District for 20 years and is currently on paid administrative leave.

We are cooperating with the District Attorney’s Office and respect their decision on this matter. We are unable to comment further because it remains a personnel matter that the school district is actively investigating.

A district spokesperson also told the media that there is no rule requiring students to stand for the Pledge.

Notice the school administration made no effort to support the teacher. Apparently, leftism took over in this district, and children are entitled to do whatever they please.

If Leftists had their way, America would drop Old Glory–America’s flag, for Leftists who likely don’t know what I’m referencing. Next, Leftists would kill the national anthem. Then they would ban saying things like, “American Spirit,” or God-forbid, “America First!”.

The Decline of Patriotism

Thanks to people like Colin Kaepernick, the decline of patriotism is painfully evident. The country faced fierce division when Kaepernick opted to “take a knee.” Leftists called him a hero, while the rest of us boycotted the NFL. Meanwhile, people find themselves trying to make sense of the nonsense.
As David Brooks writes:

Abraham Lincoln wrote, “If ever I feel the soul within me elevate and expand to those dimensions not entirely unworthy of its almighty Architect, it is when I contemplate the cause of my country.”

Martin Luther King Jr. sang the national anthem before his “I Have a Dream” speech and then quoted the Declaration of Independence within it.

This American creed gave people a sense of purpose and a high ideal to live up to. It bonded them together. Whatever their other identities — Irish-American, Jewish American, African-American — they were still part of the same story.

Over the years, America’s civic religion was nurtured the way all religions are nurtured: by sharing moments of reverence. Americans performed the same rituals on Thanksgiving and July 4; they sang the national anthem and said the Pledge in unison; they listened to the same speeches on national occasions and argued out the great controversies of our history.

Obviously, sharing such history bonded Americans together. In 2003, the University of Chicago published research found Americans to be the most patriotic people on the planet.

So what happened? Obama happened.

Obama’s Attack on America

Unfortunately for 8 years, America allowed the enemy to hold the highest seat. Obama played into the anti-America narrative, and he gleefully apologized for America’s greatness.

In fact, as we previously wrote:

The Left may claim that Obama calmed the nation with his sermon-like eloquence, however his actions as president paint a different picture.

Obama traveled the world presenting an America who, according to him, owed the world an apology. He divided the country along ideological boundaries, like black vs white, rich vs poor, Christian vs Muslim, gay vs straight, and so on.

Then he institutionalized his hate. Academia taught hate and despair, thus school system carried the burdens of Obama-era policies.

As the New York Post points out:

Since President Barack Obama pressured educators to adopt a new code of conduct making it harder to suspend or expel students of color, even kids who punch out their teacher aren’t automatically kicked out of school anymore.

Previously, “If you hit a teacher, you’re gone,” said Peter Kirsanow, a black conservative on the US Commission on Civil Rights. But that’s no longer the case, he says, thanks to race-based discipline quotas sweeping the nation’s schools.

Let’s put this in perspective. A student can physically assault a teacher, and that’s OK. However, if a teacher tries to enforce a little respect, arrest her immediately.

When I was a child, every day school started with a prayer and a pledge. Leftists kicked the prayers out long ago, but who ever believed we’d see the day when the Pledge of Allegiance was no longer important?

In decades past, schools taught a love for country. But the Leftists who claim to love America, no longer teach that love. In fact, they teach something very much to the contrary: a hatred of America.
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