Temporary Sanity: MSNBC Admits People Favor Trump

Temporary Sanity: MSNBC Admits People Favor Trump

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough broke the bad news to his left-leaning followers.

The majority of Americans favor Trump’s immigration policies. 

Apparently the message comes in loud and clear. Most Americans reject the views of the mainstream media and the political elite. Now Leftists have no choice but to start facing the facts. Because Trump isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

As Sean Hannity points out:

Hell just froze over. Scarborough was speaking with cohost Mika Brzezinski when he made the stunning admission.

“A lot of people in the media may not like it… I talk about this massive disconnect between where Americans are on immigration and where the media is on immigration; where elites are on immigration,” Scarborough told his viewers.

“Most Americans agree with Donald Trump and Stephen Miller’s view of immigration. Whether you want to call it ‘chain migration,’ whether you want to talk about the lottery, whether you want to talk about only wanting higher-skilled immigration in this country,” he added.

“They’re have been a lot of polls out in the previous couple of weeks, and none of them are good news for Democrats,” Scarborough admitted.

Repeat: “none of them are good news for the Democrats”.

That had to have left a bad taste in Scarborough’s mouth.

After all the chest-beating by Democrats on their election wins, (what’s the count? Three?), now they admit that things may not be as rosy as they’ve pretended.

Is the media beginning to understand that Trump is winning?

What a departure for Scarborough to admit Trump is winning. Morning Joe is the program that has become the early morning version of Late Night TV. Bash Trump is the mantra, and MSNBC’s only “Conservative” has done his part over the past two years.

And both Donald Trump and President Trump fired back. Some attacks went from policy to personal, with the president discussing Mika Brzenzinski’s plastic surgery.

Believe it or not, after President Trump aimed critical tweets at Morning Joe, nearly 1.66 million people tuned in. That tweet helped generate Morning Joe’s best ratings in quite some time.

On most days however, Morning Joe is the lowest rated cable news on the air.

The Writing is on The Wall…the Border Wall

Not surprisingly, most Americans agree with President Trump’s immigration plan. The media’s attempt to paint Trump as racist or xenophobic backfired. Reasonable Americans understand that countries have borders and those borders need to be respected. 

Thus, he’s laid out a plan that allows for DACA children to get in the legal line, which is really bad news for Democrats. Trump is actually stealing the baton on immigration from the Democrats. Further, we know that legal citizens value citizenship more so than illegals. Thus, their vote is more evenly divided.

The Left know this. That’s why Democrats wholly ignore the legal system in favor of the other.

President Trump maneuvered the Democrats into the DACA kill zone. We will get legal citizens. But they will speak the language and respect America’s laws. The wall will make it more difficult for interlopers to come to America.

Further, chain migration is over. And despite the Democrats using “family reunification” as some cute substitute, the term fell on deaf ears.

Finally, the lottery visa system is dead. That system has brought far too many bad guys to America, like the Home Depot truck driving jihadists who committed the terror attack in New York.

No Surprises

There are no surprises in Trump’s immigration plan. Every point the President makes is based on the promises outlined on the campaign trail. Of course, it’s hard for democrats to process when the POTUS sticks to his word.

What is surprising is Joe Scarborough’s latest stance.

It’s true, Scarborough started out as a Trump supporter of sorts. Fox News contributor Kevin Jackson speaks often of signs to watch. And one such sign he mentioned was to watch the media slowly begin to shift to praising President Trump.

Clearly that’s what just happened at MSNBC. And you can bet that producers on Morning Joe couldn’t believe they were green-lighting a positive piece about President Trump. If you dare, look through the archives of their show and see if you can find anything positive about the president?

The shift from 90 percent negative about Trump to 50/50 is underway. Ask yourself what the impact will be when that shift happens. As Scarborough intimated, things don’t bode well for the Democrats. When the media sounds the warning bell, I suggest the Democrats listen. Actually, don’t be fooled. The Democrats pay far more attention than they let on.






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