BOOM: Texts Reveal Comey’s INTENTIONAL Criminal Cover-Up in WeinerGate

BOOM: Texts Reveal Comey’s INTENTIONAL Criminal Cover-Up in WeinerGate

There is a reason why James Comey lawyered up, and tweets from his rat hole.

But soon he will get to use his highly-compensated DC lawyer, because Comey’s ass is about to be new-mowed grass.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee released a majority staff report titled “The Clinton Email Scandal And The FBI’s Investigation Of It.” Along with that release came thousands of text messages between two FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. In what must pain Democrats, Republicans now release these text messages in drips. So just when the Democrats believe they have offered a rebuttal, new even more salacious releases occur.

One such release just occurred.

In this exchange, Peter Strzok admits to yet another cover-up.

With regard to WeinerGate, Strzok reveals that the DOJ was forced to tell Congress about the Weiner laptop emails only because George Toscas at the DOJ found out about them.

In this exchange, INBOX is Stzok and OUTBOX is Page.

We already knew that Comey sat on the messages and lied under oath about this matter. But now we have proof that these clowns would have hidden this evidence had it not been for their inability to hide the evidence from George Toscas.

Why hide the info from Toscas?

In 2011 George Z. Toscas worked as deputy assistant attorney general for counterterrorism and counterespionage in the Justice Department’s National Security Division. In 2016 Toscas worked as a General Attorney at the Offices, Boards and Divisions in Washington, District Of Columbia.

When Comey capitulated to fellow criminal partner Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and referred to the investigation into Clinton’s email server as a “matter” instead of an investigation, Toscas was not happy.

According to  The New York Times: Toscas said to Comey after a meeting,

“I guess you’re the Federal Bureau of Matters now.”

Clearly, had it not been for Tosca, the FBI would have covered this up. Instead, they “slow-walked” the new information. Thus, as we reported, Comey decided to make a public announcement almost a month later.

Hillary Clinton would blame her election loss on this new revelation. Nonsense of that aside, Comey had done about all he could do to help her. However, I repeat, had it not been for Tosca, this evidence would never have seen the light of day.

Note the last text message, where Strzok texts, “F them”, with “them” being Congress.

The FBI had utter contempt for this Republican-controlled Congress, as did Eric Holder who was held in contempt of Congress.

So where does this leave things?

Comey may want to get another lawyer, as should Strzok. They will need a legal team, not an attorney. You can bet that McCabe will lawyer up soon, as will Lisa Page and a long list of swamp creatures. The question of guilt has been answered. The FBI is guilty, the only question now is to what degree. The short answer is “massive”.

Thanks to George Toscas for being an honorable man. Had he not been in place, the FBI would have likely gotten away with at least this part of its nefarious scheme to oust Trump.



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