Tucker Carlson Gets Pro-Illegal Democrat FIGHTING MAD

Tucker Carlson Gets Pro-Illegal Democrat FIGHTING MAD

It’s clear what the hot button is for Democrats.

The notion they sacrificed their constituents for the sake of illegals hits home. Hard.

Proving my point, Fox News host Tucker Carlson debated Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio in a recent interview. Carlson abruptly ended the discussion amid a heated argument over Ryan’s refusal to attend the State of the Union address in protest of the Trump administration’s deportation of illegal immigrants.

Ryan announced previous to the State of the Union address that he would not be attending President Trump’s speech that night. He added that he would leave his seat empty to honor illegals “wrongfully targeted for deportation by ICE.”

Ironically, there is no such thing as an illegal wrongly deported by ICE.

As the video shows, Carlson asked Ryan why he would use the opportunity to focus on illegal immigration rather than the struggles of U.S. citizens. Carlson then went for the jugular, comparing Ryan’s constituents suffering from the opioid crisis or joblessness, numbers much larger than the illegals Ryan symbolically represented by his no show.

Ryan exploded:

“Hey Tucker, I’ve spent more time on the opioid epidemic in my career than you have ever. … So I’m not taking a backseat to you or anybody else on the opioid epidemic,” Ryan said. “You tell your president and your party to fund the damn bills we try put forth to make sure that these people can get treatment and recover.”

Carlson attempted to potentially agree with Ryan on his fight for opioid abuse through legislation, however the question still begs. As Carlson put it,

“…you’ve got a chance to send a symbolic message and you’re sending it. We know where your priorities are.”

Ryan replied,

“Yeah we know where your priorities are, Tucker. Do something about it.”

From my vantage point, Carlson had indeed done something about it. He challenged Ryan’s priorities and rightfully so.

Ryan tried to continue the conversation. But as you can see from the video, he was moved out of the TV frame and his microphone was cut.

Ryan tweeted afterward,

“The best thing we can do to honor victims of the opioid addiction epidemic is legislate meaningful solutions. I’ve been working on this for most of my career. @realDonaldTrump needs to get serious and demand the money needed to get our communities back on their feet.”

Nice try, but Carlson exposed Ryan as a typical Leftist cockroach. Democrats like Ryan use their time for the protection of non-citizens.

That’s like paying an attorney to work on other people’s cases.

Every day the DACA discussion continues, America sees where the Democrats’ priorities lie. And this was reflected in the post-SOTU poll numbers.

President Trump masterfully used real-life examples of where Leftist’s policies have failed or his succeeded. In spotlighting the two families who daughters were killed by MS13 gang members who fell under DACA, the president placed their deaths in the hands of Democrats.

I’ve written multiple times on the genius that President Trump uses to back the Democrats into inescapable quandaries. The proverbial rock and a hard place. The Democrats appear to be terrorists supporting anybody except American citizens.

There’s Trump’s way and there’s the hard way. When the Democrats finally quit fighting, they will find life much easier. Already we’ve seen Senator Joe Manchin moving Right.

Manchin is up for re-election. And he sees the writing on the wall, and has begun supporting President Trump. But Vice President Pence recently called him out.

Pence signaled to Manchin that Republicans will not be fooled with fox hole conversions.

Expect many other Democrat Johnny-come-latelies to be exposed and shot down.

I read that Manchin has enjoyed a cordial relationship with President Trump. He was even spotted frequently giving standing ovations to him Tuesday night during the State of the Union. Then, after the speech, Manchin embraced the president.

I predicted this. I said the media would begin giving more balanced coverage of the president. Then the defectors would come. Both things happened recently.

Next, the polls would reflect the truth, as the media would no longer be able to hide the truth. Even that occurred.

It’s a new day. Ryan found out from Carlson that Democrats will be made to pay for their criminal activities.


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