Valentine’s Day Massacre Tied to Antifa

Valentine’s Day. Eighty-nine years ago. Gangsters gunned down seven men in a brutal attack on the Chicago streets.

The bloody scene was hailed a tragic event. However, that shooting took down some of the bad guys.

Meanwhile, the Valentine’s Day Massacre of 2018 targeted innocent students and teachers. 

While most kids bring candy to school to give to the class or that special friend, one high-schooler brought a bad attitude. Unfortunately, he also brought a gun.

As Reuters informs us:

A 19-year-old gunman returned to a Florida high school where he had once been expelled for disciplinary reasons and opened fire with an assault-style rifle on Wednesday, killing 17 people before he was arrested by police, authorities said.

The violence erupted shortly before dismissal at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, about 45 miles (72 km) north of Miami. Live television footage showed students streaming out of the building as dozens of police and emergency services personnel swarmed the area.

The gunman was identified as Nikolaus Cruz, who previously attended the school and was expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said at a news briefing hours later. Officials initially misspelled the suspect’s first name as Nikolas but later corrected it.

“It’s a horrific situation,” Broward County Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie told reporters separately.

The smell of gunpowder still in the air, Leftists quickly broke out the checklist for “mass shootings” and were off to the races. The gun was the problem. It had to be.

Because no high school age kid would shoot up his classmates. They don’t tease or bully. If they were, the administration at the school would be all over the situation, resolving it. Right?

Shootings aren’t Shocking

Perhaps the most pathetic aspect to this school shooting is how many people are numb to the headline. The shock factor is gone. In fact, in the past five or six years, school shootings occurred about once a week.

And school isn’t the only place children are exposed to gunfire. One study suggests school shootings are the tip of the iceberg.

A report by the Urban Institute showed that in the single school district of Washington, DC, there were at least 336 gunshots in the vicinity of schools over a single school year. And school shootings have long-term impacts on the school community as a whole: a recent analysis of school shootings found that those involving a homicide reduced student enrollment in the affected schools, and depressed students’ standardized test scores by nearly 5 percent.

While we don’t know everything as of now, emerging facts suggest the shooter followed all sorts of Syrian resistance groups on social media. Further, Nicholas Cruz is pictured wearing local Antifa gear. Before it’s all said and done, even ISIS might claim the kills.

Additionally, Cruz was kicked off school grounds last year for his threats to other students.

Yet, leftists will ignore the shooter’s ties to radical dogma. Instead, they will blame the gun. Then, they will wrap it up in pretty paper and slap a gun control bow on top.

However, there is one fact that leftists can’t deny.

Evil Cannot be Outlawed

Yes, gun control laws can be strengthened, but honestly, what will that do? I think the answer is obvious. It will challenge criminals to be more creative. My grandpa used to say “a lock will only keep out an honest man.”

As we previously wrote:

Guns are not evil. Guns are a tool.

They can be used for good. They can be used for bad. The same is true of a hammer, a baseball bat, or even a toothpick. Should the House introduce a bill limiting the supply of those? The truly ironic part of this is that leftists don’t want to keep out terrorists, but they want control over all the guns. Last I checked, evil didn’t live in the hearts of inanimate objects. Evil lives in the hearts of people. And those kind of people don’t obey the law.




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