Woman DRIES HER PANTIES on Commercial Airline

Woman DRIES HER PANTIES on Commercial Airline

Giving new meaning to airing one’s dirty laundry in public, a woman decided to dry her panties while flying on a commercial airliner.

What’s with these kids? Perhaps she feels there are no more secrets anyway?

The flight appears to be to Russia. And as you can see from the video, the passenger has no qualms about putting her obviously wet panties under the air vents located above her to dry her undergarment…during the flight.

The video is short but sweet. What it says without saying it may be priceless. The video has been viewed more than 750,000 times since it was posted Feb. 16, so what is our morbid fascination?

Are we appalled? After all, it is her air vent to use as she wishes.

But if you think the air vent has issues, imagine what the cushion was going through, given the actions of the woman. That thing must be soaked.

Put another way, if that seat cushion ever needs to be used as a flotation device, somebody may be in for a bit of a surprise.

I’m curious as to what prompted the need for the panties-drying in the first place? Is she sitting next to BRAD PITT! Don’t worry, others reviewed the video again just to see.

Is this a Russian cultural thing? Do all Russian women dry their underwear on commercial airlines?

Where are this girl’s parents? It’s difficult to tell how old she it, but I’d still like to meet her parents, especially her mom.

Also, did the woman run out of panties? It’s not like she couldn’t carry an extra pair in her purse. They aren’t ARMY BOOTS! Surprisingly, the panties weren’t even pretty. Those weren’t Victoria’s Secret panties. They were more like Walmart “reject” or “on special” bin panties.

Maybe those are the only panties she owns! How sad would that be? If that’s the case, why not just go “commando”? That’s what a man would have done.

A man wouldn’t have aired his crotch-juice soaked underwear out for all the plane to smell. He would have just tucked them in his pocket, and nobody would have been the wiser. And don’t say, “Ewww” and make this about “manhood”. Because girls can get funkier than a fat man’s drawers, as we say in the hood.

The fact is women have more potential “funkiness” happening in the “crotchular” region than men could dream of. That’s scientific fact!

And why do they call them panties, as in plural, when there is only ONE!? That’s confusing. Because there are things called panty-liners, right?

All things considered, the woman has guts.

She indeed aired her dirty laundry, which is more than most people are willing to do. We know more about this Russian chick than we do about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama combined.

Don’t be surprised when this story resurfaces, the media will report that this woman is tied to Donald Trump. I have no idea how, but what does that matter. They’ve done it before. And remember: this was a flight to RUSSIA.

The Left will claim that the woman had been sneaked into America by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They will claim she is Trump’s Russian hooker of choice, and that she was drying Trump’s DNA from her panties.

Next, the Left will claim that Trump flew her in on his private plane for a secret tryst. Afterward, Trump sent her packing on a commercial flight home with information to pass on to Putin…her father.



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