Feminists Take Note: Here is What a REAL Fighter Looks Like

Feminists Take Note: Here is What a REAL Fighter Looks Like

Feminist frauds march in DC and elsewhere in America, pretending to march on behalf of women. They don’t.

The hairy underarms crowd are frauds, pure and simple. They care as much about women, as they do about men’s penises. Half these clowns have no idea why they protesting.

For most of them, the events are little more than pick-up locations, where they don’t need a “licker license” to feast on their overweight and thoroughly disgusting so-called women.

These pretend-women act tough, as they march in what they deem the patriarchal bosom of a battered Lady Liberty. They look like circus clowns, as they wear vagina hats and vagina suits, some with their cuckold “men” in tow.

I’ve challenged these women to take their show on the road. March in Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan. So far, no takers. Even on International Women’s Day, the American feminists remained in the prisons run by their misogynist husbands. For those who did participate in IWD, I’m sure they got permission from their, how did Hillary Clinton put it, “husbands, sons, or other men”.

Lucky for these women, they were well-represented recently. Watch this video where an Iranian woman confronts a man who demands that she dress in Islamic garb.

This woman is a true warrior. She is more deserved of being called a defender of women, than 1000 Hillary Clintons or Gloria Steinems.

When Hillary Clinton visited the Middle East, she wore her hijab, like a good conforming woman. One of the most powerful women in the world forced to capitulate to a male-dominated culture.

But the woman in the video fights daily. And the stakes are high. And as she fights, her American counterparts pretend to fight. However, feminists hurt her cause.

A revolution is occurring in Iran, and the woman in that video leads the way.

But you can bet she gets no inspiration from America’s feminists.




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