Hollyweirdo Admits Talking Politics NOT Good for Business

Hollyweirdo Admits Talking Politics NOT Good for Business

Remember I told you about signs that things are changing?

And we got another such sign, and it’s from Hollyweird. 

As Fox News reported,

Jennifer Lawrence said it was “disgusting” how Hillary Clinton attacked President Trump supporters and admitted it is “not wise” for celebrities to speak about politics because it hurts their careers.

“The Democrats made a huge mistake by chastising the Trump supporters, and that was disgusting to me,” the Oscar-winning actress said in an interview with Vanity Fair in its March issue.

“Of course they’re not going to vote for Hillary Clinton; they’re going to vote for Donald Trump. You laughed at them when their plight is very real,” she said.

And what gave Ms. Lawrence her bout with sanity? I give you my thoughts in just a bit.

For now, let’s relish in the news that another one bites the dust.

Here’s what Amy Zimmerman of The Daily Beast wrote of Lawrence’s post-ass-kicking discussion with Lawrence and the future of America.

Like most millennials, Jennifer Lawrence was #WithHer. Also like most millennials, she enjoys the cinematic oeuvre of Darren Aronofsky, and freelances for Vice. In an essay for Broadly, the site’s lady-centric section, Lawrence urged the nation’s disaffected Trump-haters to take a substantive stand.

Lawrence, who is pretty and blonde but also likes beer and doesn’t take herself too seriously, is one of America’s most likable women. If people liked Hillary Clinton as much as they like Jennifer Lawrence, our first female president-elect would be celebrating on a jet ski with Amy Schumer right now. Unfortunately, a white knight named Donald Trump—complete with white hood and cape—rode in at the last minute to save the former Secretary of State from the job she had spent her entire life working toward. It was one huge, unexpected, apocalyptic night for America. Then again, why would we have ever expected the qualified woman to get the gig over the loud, obnoxious, KKK-endorsed candidate?

Suddenly, the election of Trump is not so apocalyptic? No Armageddon?

Let’s just understand that a Hollywood A-List star called foul on what Hillary Clinton said of Trump supporters. Put another way, Jennifer Lawrence threw Hillary Clinton under the bus.

As Fox News notes, Lawrence backed Clinton against Donald Trump:

Lawrence, who supported Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, said Trump was “a big powerful man in a nice suit, pointing at you and going, ‘I’m going to make you rich.’ It’s so appealing.”

If that contraction isn’t shocking enough, check out what Lawrence added:

But the outspoken actress admitted that wading into politics is not the best path for celebrities to take. “I’ve always thought that it was a good idea to stay out of politics,” Lawrence told the magazine.

“Twenty-five percent of America identifies as liberal and I need more than 25 percent of America to go see my movies. It’s not wise, career-speaking, to talk about politics,” she said, but added that “When Donald Trump got sworn into office, that f—–g changed.

So the woman who openly supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 now says celebrities should avoid politics?

Is this the same woman who informed us that she plans to take time off to get political?

Lawrence reported a while back that she had no new projects. So apparently, with the wrap of Red Sparrow, Lawrence will begin her hiatus. And just in time. We wrote of Lawrence’s “career break” back in Sept of last year:

One of Hollywood’s most top paid actresses and most sought out performers, Jennifer Lawrence, revealed she in jobless.

And on top of that, the outspoken Leftist has no job in queue.

Hard to believe that Jennifer Lawrence, the star of Hunger Games announced she is having trouble getting booked for any new movies. Thus, the “career break”.

DML Daily has the scoop:

“Trump-trashing actress Jennifer Lawrence told NBC’s Today co-host Savannah Guthrie Thursday that she’s planning on taking a break from her career after revealing that she isn’t booked to take on any new projects for the foreseeable future. “I don’t have anything set for two years,” she said.

“I think I’m just taking a little break,” she told Guthrie before saying, “I’ll see you in six months.”

I’m not really surprised at Jennifer’s latest career troubles as her last few movies have been complete disasters flopping at the box office. Her most recent film Mother!  brought in a humiliating 8 million-opening weekend.

The Daily Mail criticized the movie saying:

Jennifer Lawrence‘s new movie Mother! has left critics bemused and baffled, with one labeling it the ‘worst movie of the century’.

Directed by her partner Darren Aronofsky, the grim psychological thriller is causing audiences to leave in a daze, stunned by the ‘tasteless nightmare’ as one review dubbed it.

New York Observer critic Rex Reed said, ‘With so much crap around to clog the drain, I hesitate to label it the ‘Worst movie of the year’, when ‘Worst movie of the century’ fits it even better.

For the record, a “career break” means she’s unemployed.

Truth be told, Lawrence isn’t that good of an actress. As one of the characters in Get Shorty said, “I’ve seen better film on teeth.”

Any guesses on how Red Sparrow is doing at the box office?

As the New York Times wrote:

The 20th Century Fox thriller “Red Sparrow” flew low at the domestic box office over the weekend, collecting an estimated $17 million and becoming the third lackluster opening in a row for Jennifer Lawrence.


But the R-rated “Red Sparrow,” which cost Fox at least $100 million to make and market, divided critics and received a lukewarm B grade from ticket buyers in CinemaScore exit polls. “Red Sparrow” had the hardest time attracting young adults; 79 percent of its audience was over the age of 25, according to Fox.

Ms. Lawrence, one of Hollywood’s most popular and highest-paid actresses, was last seen in Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!” Released in the fall by Paramount, “Mother!” failed in wide release. Before that, Ms. Lawrence co-starred with Chris Pratt in Sony’s expensive “Passengers,” which arrived to a wobbly $14.9 million in 2016. Sony ultimately pushed “Passengers” to about $100 million in domestic ticket sales.

I believe Lawrence wants to trick America into believing that she’s a moderate.

I’m not buying it.

And Hollywood’s “recommendation” to Jimmy Kimmel to go easy on politics during the Oscars is more than a sign to me that times, they are a changin’.

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