Supposed Misogynist and Woman-Hater Does the Unthinkable

Supposed Misogynist and Woman-Hater Does the Unthinkable

If you are a woman living in the United States during the Era of Donald Trump as president, how have you coped?

According to the Left, if you are a woman you are a victim. And under President Trump, well…it’s ARMAGEDDON. At any time and with no notice, women could have their rights ripped away.

And that’s what happened recently, when a known misogynist did today what any woman-hater would do. Donald Trump appointed a woman to head of the CIA for the first time in U.S. history.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump announced he was replacing Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. In addition, the President revealed Gina Haspel has been selected to replace Pompeo at the CIA. 

Haspel would be the first female CIA director in history. The position which dates back to 1946 when President Truman established the CIA, has to this date been held by 24 different men. Not anymore.

Donald Trump recognized Haspel’s more than 30 years of history with the CIA.

She joined the agency in 1985 and has served the majority of her career in clandestine operations.

Moreover, Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr praised Trump’s pick to lead the CIA.

“I know Gina personally and she has the right skill set, experience, and judgment to lead one of our nation’s most critical agencies…I look forward to supporting her nomination, ensuring its consideration without delay.”

If you’re a leftist you would look at this and say, “what’s the big deal its just one woman!”

And if you believe that then you obviously haven’t been paying attention because the truth of the matter is Trump has always trusted women to hold powerful positions bearing much responsibility.

According to Michael Cohen, Trump’s general counsel and an executive vice president at the Trump Organization, said that while the billionaire’s companies employ 57 percent men and 43 percent women,

“There are more female executives at the Trump Organization than there are male.”

“And women who are similarly situated in positions similar to that of their male counterparts are actually paid more,” Cohen said.

Trump himself even commented on the women employed at the Trump Organization:

 “I placed women in important leadership positions in the Trump Organization long before anybody else gave them that opportunity because I knew they could handle it. I was the first developer ever to put a woman in charge of a major construction project in New York City.”

And now that Trump occupies the most powerful position you can hold in the United States, he hires smart, dedicated, capable women to help Make America Great Again. As it turns out, President Trump is not a misogynist.

Women represent the Trump administration at the West Wing, the Pentagon, the Justice Department, and the State Department.

Hope Hicks may be out of the White House. But for a while she was hired as Trump’s White House Communications Director. Hick’s has a long history with Trump as she has worked for him in the past. While in the White House, Hicks had replaced three former male occupants— Sean Spicer, Mike Dubke, and Anthony Scaramucci.

Next, you have Sarah Sanders. She was promoted to take over Sean Spicer’s position as White House Press Secretary making her the third woman to ever hold that position in history. Sanders assists in crafting the president’s message. She helps manage his communications with the country and the world. That’s not a menial task.

In addition, President Trump actually filled jobs traditionally held by men with women. Other notable positions held by women in Trumps White House include:

  • Heather Nauert, a former Fox News anchor, began representing the administration as the State Department spokesperson back in April.
  • At the Justice Department, Sarah Isgur Flores is the Director of Public Affairs.
  • Finally, Dana W. White serves as the assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. A long-time D.C. political communications professional, White previously served as a staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

How’s that for misogyny, Hillary Clinton?

But what may be the most interesting aspect of the Haspel appointment are the coming optics.

Chuck Schumer and gang will undoubtedly fight against Haspel. But they will find it difficult for three reasons:

First, the FBI hasn’t helped the cause of Leftists. James Comey and team sullied the reputation of law enforcement, leaving the Democrats little room to stand on.

Second, the other clandestine agencies like the NSA haven’t helped.

Finally, Haspel has served under multiple presidents, including Barack Obama, and she is a woman.

Smart move by President Trump to promote a woman to this role, and hopefully gain a serious ally.

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