Leftists Hate Armed Teachers as much as Cops

Leftists Hate Armed Teachers as much as Cops

The difference between Leftists and Conservatives is the Left never seek to actually fix problems.

Leftists bitch and whine, actually loving chaos. And a case in point is the issue of gun control.

President Trump proposed many ideas on how make schools safer. These are common-sense approaches that involve law-enforcement, teachers, perhaps even veterans.

In response to Leftists, the president has even considered raising the age limit to purchasing an AR-15. Nobody can say that such a move pleases his base.

So it’s clear that President Trump willingly looks at various political sides of this issue.

But when he suggested that we should consider arming teachers, the Left snapped.

Not only are leftists shooting down the idea of select teachers carrying guns, but they suggest the idea is “racist”:

During a Friday evening appearance on CNN, Diane Wolk-Rogers said President Donald Trump’s suggestion that teachers should be armed “horrifies” her.  She then wanted to address “the white elephant in the room”—racial injustice.

“If what you’re telling me is that we have trained professionals who weren’t able to follow protocol, then I can’t imagine my teachers—overworked, underpaid, exhausted— carrying a sidearm, and then being able to perform that protocol,” she said.

 “And I also, I want to talk about the white elephant in the room. Because what we know is that students of color get suspended and get expelled at a higher rate than white kids. So, now, what are we going to say, Mr. Trump? We’re going to say that now students of color are going to be shot at by teachers at a higher rate? It’s absolutely ludicrous. It horrifies me.”

Yes, this leftist lunatic really is suggesting that due to children of color getting in trouble more than white kids now run the risk of randomly being shot by teachers because they misbehave.

And if that’s not enough, in an excerpt from an editor at the “Above the Law” blog, the editor argued the following:

“America is entirely too racist to arm teachers. Our legal system is INCAPABLE of holding public employees to account for murdering minorities,” the article argued. “Black and brown students should not have to die because disgruntled white boys are shooting up their schools.”

Next, consider this tweet from never Trumper David Frum.

He wrote that arming teachers “would constitute a huge public-sector affirmative action program for white men.”

Gun owners almost 2/3 male. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/06/29/how-male-and-female-gun-owners-in-the-u-s-compare/  Whites 50% more likely to own guns than blacks, more than 2x Hispanics. http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2017/06/22/the-demographics-of-gun-ownership/  If teachers are hired & promoted for gun adeptness, would constitute a huge public-sector affirmative action program for white men.

It is clear that the left has found a new group to demonize: armed teachers.

Thus, according to leftists teachers are the “new cops”.

The people who Leftists have trusted for years to indoctrinate America’s kids shouldn’t be put in charge of protecting them from harm.

Makes sense, in that twisted Leftist logical way.

Put another way, why arm people who could actually be at the source of the solution?

But what of the racial element? Shall we only arm black teachers?

Would black teachers shooting white kids be the Left’s brilliant answer to providing racial peace and harmony to our schools?

Here’s a potential solution.

Let’s put kids in “black only” or “white only” schools, and so on for other ethnicities; then arm teachers.

That way, only black teachers would kill black students, white teachers would kill white students, and so on.

From the Leftists’ point of view, segregation would clearly solve this problem. And when we get the stats on number of students killed by ethnicity, I’m sure we will see that things worked out.

I suspect that a regular report of shootings in Chicago might be a good indicator of how things go in the black schools, but that purely speculation on my part.


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