We Now KNOW Identity of Austin Bomber

We Now KNOW Identity of Austin Bomber

When reports came of the death of the Austin bomber, the media immediately informed us that he was a white man.

You can bet the collective Left breathed a sigh of relief that Mark Conditt was not Muslim. What irony if we were to learn that Conditt converted to Islam.

Interestingly, when the identity of the Austin bomber was discovered, TMZ reported the news as such:

Austin bomber Mark Conditt was apparently home schooled by his mom, who proudly announced on social media back in 2013 she graduated him from high school.

Conditt, who was 23 at the time of his death, seemed to be contemplating going on some sort of mission. His mom wrote, “He’s thinking of taking some time to figure out what he wants to do … maybe a mission trip.”

His mom also posted a pic of Conditt snowboarding in 2013.

Police say Conditt is responsible for the string of bombings that left 2 dead. So far, authorities are in the dark as to motive.

So Conditt was home schooled and was planning a mission trip?

That narrative has Conservative written all over it, doesn’t it?

And you can bet Leftists are digging through Conditt’s life looking for anything associated with the Confederate flag or neo-Nazi symbolism. God forbid the man took a picture by a Confederate monument.

Conditt has already been painted as a racist, the press labeling the random bombings as potential hate crimes. They were quick to point out the dead people killed by the bombs as possible truth of hatred of blacks. They profiled a young black man who was tragically killed, all to set the stage for what we are now seeing.

Then somebody white had to go and get themselves blown up.

The bombings couldn’t just be a tragedy whereby the citizens of Austin of all colors were in danger. Not for the press. They needed to colorize the crime.

And with scant evidence of Conditt’s life, they drop the morsel of “home schooled” and “planning a mission trip”? Sure, because home schooled children who are Christians fit the demographics of suicide bombers?

The Left knows who commit these crimes. Disgruntled Democrats.

Disgruntled Democrats are the most dangerous people on the planet, far worse than even ISIS. When the dust settles on this story, we will learn that Conditt’s life was mired in Democrat pathology. A sad millennial who could not see life as the gift that it is.

I have no idea what set Conditt off. But I do know for a fact that home schooling and Christianity had nothing to do with it.

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