Trump Ousts Tillerson and Why This Needed to Happen

Trump Ousts Tillerson and Why This Needed to Happen

While Rex Tillerson is an accomplished CEO, he wasn’t a good fit for President Trump.

And if the news of North Korea didn’t tip off most as to the fate of Tillerson, it certainly tipped me off.

Although President Trump likes to set the course on the direction of the country in all areas, he expects his team to back his play. Tillerson simply wasn’t used to playing second fiddle.

The no-nonsense approach of President Trump to foreign policy simply didn’t play well with Rex Tillerson’s personality. Tillerson doesn’t confront, and Trump does.

When President Trump began working with China, he simultaneously addressed North Korea. The American economy is President Trump’s weapon, and he expected his Secretary of State to understand how to leverage this.

Tillerson failed. Instead Trump himself was forced to take the lead. He reluctantly did so.

But despite what people may think of President Trump, he prefers to work in an advisory role. He provides direction, then hires people who execute.

Back to the tipoff.

When Kim Jong Un tweeted about his button, he actually got Rex Tillerson fired. Tillerson was supposed to fire back at Kim, not President Trump. Thus, in that moment Kim showed that he had no respect for Tillerson.

In quintessential fashion, Trump fired back at Kim:

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!

Kim’s tweet presented an opportunity for Tillerson to showcase his skills. But, Tillerson did nothing, forcing Trump to step in.

For President Trump, this showed Tillerson as weak.

The warnings came in August of last year, as Axios reported:

There’s a ticking problem with Rex Tillerson, and it’s growing louder by the day, according to officials inside and close to the White House. President Trump has been growing increasingly frustrated with his Secretary of State. One time recently, after Trump had returned from a meeting on Afghanistan, a source recalled Trump saying, “Rex just doesn’t get it, he’s totally establishment in his thinking.”

Trump explained that though Tillerson is from industry, he’d been poisoned. But things got worse during the event in Charlottesville.

Axios continues,

Tillerson’s jaw-dropping comments on TV today will likely only worsen their relationship. Fox News Sunday moderator Chris Wallace asked Tillerson about Trump’s response to the racist carnage in Charlottesville. Tillerson replied: “I don’t believe anyone doubts the American people’s values or the commitment of the American government, or the government’s agencies to advancing those values and defending those values.”Wallace asked the obvious follow-up question: “And the president’s values?” “The president speaks for himself,” Tillerson said.Wallace looked stunned.

This was Tillerson’s opportunity to back the president on national TV, and Tillerson bagged it.

The man who would negotiate on behalf of America (ergo, the president) with the world couldn’t manage to back the president on a question of American values to Chris Wallace?!

Ask yourself this question. With all that has transpired in the world on the foreign policy of the United States, whose name do you hear? Would you credit Tillerson with what’s happening in the world or President Trump?

Tillerson has a man handing him foreign policy exploits, and you barely hear the man’s name mentioned in any of the massive achievements by this administration.

In fact, Tillerson returned from Africa, supposedly to fix issues related to Trump’s “sh*thole” comments months ago. For President Trump, there is nothing to fix. Use the U.S. economy to whip countries into shape. Remind these countries who brings more aid and opportunities to them than the rest of the world combined.

America needs a Secretary of State warrior. And Trump doesn’t abide by those who timidly approach representing America.

CBS reported of Tillerson’s departure:

News of Tillerson’s departure from the State Department came as the Secretary arrived back to Washington early Tuesday morning after his overseas visit to Africa where he reaffirmed the U.S.- Africa relationship in spite of alleged vulgar comments made by the president about immigrations from African nations back in January.

CBS News’ Kylie Atwood reports that Tillerson was leaving his Africa trip early to return back to Washington to talk with Mr. Trump and connect on developments in North Korea, which he was largely left out of as the White House announced it would be taking up talks with the regime sometime in May.

Of course another Trump administration departure allows Leftists to claim that Trump is unhinged. He is not.

The replace of Tillerson with Pompeo is an excellent choice. Pompeo is pro-Trump and pro-American. Moreover, he knows more about the state of the world than Tillerson would have learned in multiple lifetimes.

Year Two of the Trump presidency will bring the experts. You can bet that President Trump knows more the lay of the land, as he continues the swamp drain. Understand that he will jettison many more staffers this year, and the Left will claim victory. But turnover is good when done by an astute leader.

Thankfully, Trump won’t make any apologies for his actions.


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