Feminists Lament First Penis and Scrotum Transplant

Feminists Lament First Penis and Scrotum Transplant

So what half the “transgender” community can rejoice about the latest news. Feminists are not happy.


Because there are more swinging d*cks in the world.

According to The Daily Mail,

A US veteran has received the world’s first total penis and scrotum transplant after losing both legs and his genitals to a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

Nine plastic surgeons and two urological surgeons were involved in the 14-hour surgery on March 26 at Johns Hopkins – the same team that performed the country’s first bilateral arm transplant in a wounded warrior.

They transplanted an entire penis, scrotum and part of the abdominal wall from a deceased donor. The donor’s testicles were removed for ethical reasons to avoid the risk of the patient having his babies.

The complex surgery also involved transplanting the donor’s skin, muscles, tendons, nerves, bone and blood vessels.

Although the surgeons could have fitted the patient with a prosthetic implant, these tend to carry a high infection risk.

The young man, who declined to be identified, already had a urethra and a specific set of blood vessels, which are required for such a transplant.

He is expected to regain all sexual and urinary functions within the next few months to years.

A cadaver penis.

Let’s hope this soldier’s wife got to do a bit of shopping. Because if you’re getting a new penis, the least you can do is allow his wife to help in the decision.

Marital bliss aside, what are the further ramifications for mankind? For example, will men soon be able to request new “units”?

Regardless of the answer, you can be feminists will find a reason to complain. Thankfully, as I indicated earlier, half of the trans-sexuals have reason to celebrate. No more “building” of the penis with the vulva, and ending up with little more than a nub.

I’m ecstatic that this young man can feel somewhat normal again. I’m sure there will be complications, but you can bet he will “man up”.



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