Hillary Clinton: Laughable New Champion of the MeToo Movement

Hillary Clinton: Laughable New Champion of the MeToo Movement

Just when you think disgraced Democrat and 2016 President Election loser Hillary Clinton can’t embarrass the Democrats any more, she’s surprises us.

Holy Mother of Susan B. Anthony, Hillary Clinton now claims to be the mother of the #MeToo movement.

The irony that a movement of victims of sexual abuse has for its champion a woman who allowed her husband and close male associates to abuse women at will.

It does make you wonder what would have happened if Clinton had become president. For children’s issues she might have appointed Roman Polanski.

I chuckle at the Women’s Movement, who’ve obviously accomplished little to nothing. Hillary Clinton lost and women continue to suffer at the hands of men all over America. And all they have to fall back on are their vagina couture.

For decades women have sought a champion. Gloria Steinham is long gone, and no single woman has taken the baton.

Madonna needs constant alpha-male companionship. Yet, she appears at all these vagina marches, spouting feminist nonsense.

And who could forget Ashley Judd. She proved to be a hypocrite, as she railed against Trump at a feminist rally in DC, then admitted Weinstein had propped her up on the casting couch…more than once, I’m sure.

Hypocritically, the #MeToo movement is built on such women.

Most of these women went “tits up” with Weinstein types, then kept their mouths shut. Thousands and thousands of women fell prey to these mostly Leftist men, as their now sanctimonious counterparts warned no one. These women built their careers on the backs of other women, and then cried foul once their day in the sun ended.

And their new champion was perhaps the most egregious.

Bill Clinton is legendary for his abuse of women. Outside of Juanita Broderick, almost all the other complicit women who allowed Bill Clinton his indulgences said nothing. For those who did, Hillary Clinton stepped in brutally to silence them.

Bill Clinton need not lift a cigar finger to protect himself.

His wife stood guard, ready to smite down any accuser. She was so good at it, that Bill Clinton became America’s unlikely 42nd president.

With this as her track record, I’m not surprised that Hillary Clinton now attempts to credit herself for the #MeToo movement. She is in fact one of its founders.



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