Holder SLAMMED on Tweet about MLK Jr

Holder SLAMMED on Tweet about MLK Jr

Democrats believe Americans to be Hillary Clinton-level stupid.

We are much smarter than they believe. Thus, we know the truth of their nature.

Democrats are corrupt to their rotten cores. And they showcase that corruption in plain sight, because they no longer fear justice.

Democrats stole from Republicans the ideas of tolerance and respect for human beings, and now pretend to be the saviors of black America. They are far from it.

Democrats oppress black America now, as they accomplished in the past. So on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr, I won’t allow Democrats to attempt to take the high ground.

It was a Democrat, James Earl Ray who shot and killed Reverend King on this day in 1968. I will never forget the day, because I watched my family grieve over his death. A Democrat destroyed an icon of the Civil Rights Movement, and a great American.

And today, these poverty and race pimps attempt to sully the name and mission of Reverend King. Former Attorney General of the worst president in history is one such pimp.

Eric Holder tweeted one of his “morality quotes” to remind people not of Reverend King, but of Holder’s future woes.

As easy as it is we must not look back toward a past that was comforting to too few and unjust to too many.That is not how we will make America great. Don’t give in to irrational fear and manufactured division but instead embrace needed trust and national unity. Now is our time

Twitter respondents didn’t fall for Holder’s subterfuge. And in fact, if I were Holder, I’d find the responses to his tweet a matter of concern.

A first generation Latina responded to Holder:

can someone get congress to issue a subpoena again so holder shuts up? go away. 


Tina Ort reminded Holder that people know the part he played in the cover-ups plaguing his former boss and Hillary Clinton.

Timothy Edward represented many who tweeted that Holder is nothing like Reverend King.

Eric holder, MLK was a great AMERICAN who did not preach your politics of division


And there were many direct references to Fast and Furious.

Tom Q. Cat tweeted:

Your right! We should look back to those days when our dept of Justice was handing out firearms to cartels in Mexico like candy to create an anti gun narrative within the USA. Some of your firearms from fast and furious where found in possession of el chaps and his men….


Another reference warned Holder:

Eric, fearful are you if what’s been found besides gun running. What is it about corrupt EVIL people like to pretend your you honest good and care about people … the gig is up WE KNOW


And what of the prison references?

One of my favorites is from Iron Patriot.

Hopefully these quotes will comfort you while your in jail!!

And this helpful hint came from DivemasterDuarte:

Justice will be seeing you soon…don’t forget to pack your jammies


Think Holder has the support of black people? Think again.

Cindy tweeted:

@EricHolder go to sleep ain’t nobody paying attention to you


I suggest that Holder reconsider his Twitter strategy.

Unlike President Trump who tweets the truth, people see Holder, et al using Twitter as propaganda tools. 

It’s not working.





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