Leftists’ Self-Diagnosis: Racism is a Mental Health Disorder

Leftists’ Self-Diagnosis: Racism is a Mental Health Disorder

The Left have finally figured out their problem. And they didn’t need WebMD.

It only took a couple of hundred years, but Leftists now admit they have a mental disease.

As WBAL reported,

African American leaders in Anne Arundel County are calling on the school system to treat racism as a mental health disorder and institute a zero tolerance policy toward such acts.

The Annapolis Capital reports that the resolution was signed by the Caucus of African American leaders and the Anne Arundel County branch of the NAACP.

It comes as school officials continue to investigate and handle incidents at Chesapeake High School that have racial overtones.

Racial overtones?

The reason there are racial overtones in most cases in America are that far too many people see racism everywhere.

Let’s look at a scenario:

A black kid moves to a small country town where few blacks live. Some white kids tease, even bully the black kid. Other white kids protect and befriend the black kid. Such is America.

But do these scenarios not play out in all cultures? Do Asian kids have the same issues at time, being the minority occasionally? What about Latino kids?

The fact is that many kids experience “kid” problems, when thrust into new environments. Even white kids moving to new schools feel angst for a variety of reasons, race notwithstanding.

So what black people need to do is grow the flunk up. But that’s not how the NAACP and other race pimps get paid. They take circumstances of life, and make them bigger than life.

Take for example the two black men in Philly who have 175,000 Starbucks employees going to “racial sensitivity” training, because they were too cheap to buy ONE cup of coffee. America is now acutely aware of how racist one location of Starbucks is.  And that location is in a city that is almost 44 percent black, three times the national average of blacks in America.

Further, Philly’s former mayor was a black Democrats, and it’s present mayor is a Democrat.

Yet, the grievance business remains in full bloom.

The article continues to explore how schools should handle racial incidents:

The two groups also want the school system to create protocols that would handle the racial incidents when they happen.

A school spokesman told the Capital that discrimination whether it is racist or not– is intolerable.

This past Monday, Chesapeake Principal Stephen Gorski told parents another mouse pad with racially charged writing on it was found in a computer lab. A similar thing happened in a different lab at the school last week.

Gorski asked parents to have serious conversations with their kids about the “ongoing series of events at our school which continue to detract from our mission.”

What prompted all of this?

A student was disciplined last week for having a confederate flag and noose in his pickup truck.

Isn’t this the kid on which all race movies in Hollywood is based?

How will Hollywood survive when the trend of Super Hero movies ends, and it must go back to promoting racial strife? Who will play the antagonist?

We will have to wait and see.

As for declaring racism a mental disorder, I say to racist Leftists, “Be careful what you wish for!”. Many will find out just how crazy they are.



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