Leftists Experiencing the End of the World

Leftists Experiencing the End of the World

Recently, another prediction for the end of the world came and went. According to a report, the world would cease to exist on April 23.

The warning of an upcoming Rapture emanated from numerologist David Meade. And as we’ve learned the foreboding represents yet another boy who cried wolf scenario.

When this latest prediction failed, it forced me to rethink the date.

Consider that for over 125,000 people per day the end of the world comes with their death. I know that doesn’t represent the apocalyptic earth explosion or whatever is supposed to happen when the world finally does meet its doom. Nevertheless, for the 125,000+ who die every day, the earth ended at least as they knew it.

But what of the other apocalypses?

For example, the end of the world came for Democrats and other Big Government bureaucrats on November 8, 2016. Remember the faces of the Hillary Clinton supporters on election night? I assure you that faces will look no different when the real end of the world comes.

The sheer devastation of their faces remains one of my fondest memories. I wasn’t a fraction as disappointed when Obama won (either time) as the scoundrels who watched Hillary Clinton lose for a second time at her run for the presidency.

However as the saying goes, one man’s weed is another man’s landscape. So for most of the country (and the world) the election of Trump was far from doomsday.

Yet doomsday continues for the Left.

First, they now realize just how bad a president Barack Obama was. Sure, they pretend to continue to support Obama. But in truth, they are overjoyed the man is gone.

Most only hope the scandals don’t completely vindicate the Americans who were called racists for not voting for him. Which is to say, Leftists hope that Obama doesn’t make them look any more pathetic in their undying support. Because Obama was a menace.

Aside from presiding over the most scandalous administration in history, his policies have now been proven to be failures.

Thankfully, ALL of Obama’s greatest attacks on America have been undone or are in the process of being undone.

Second, imagine trying to be mad at Trump.

His tax cuts shaved about 3 weeks of Tax Freedom Day this year. Be sure to thank him.

His latest stroke of genius forced Kim Jong Un to the negotiation table.

Like it or not, Obama couldn’t do it.

Consider how that began.

Trump did to Kim Jong Un what he did to almost all his Republican primary competitors. He ridiculed fat boy. I predict Kim will end up like Ben Carson, Rick Perry, and others: supporting the president for the most part.

Next, Trump said that he would leverage China to get Kim to the bargaining table. Funny how things work out when you have a plan and you execute with precision.

But there’s more.

Look at trade, IP, monetary policy, and so on.

I’m telling you now that the next SIGN will be when Leftists find themselves forced to support Trump. It’s already happening, as Hollyweirdos have softened on Trump. Sure there are a few die-hard drama queens still complaining, like Rosie and crew. But for the most part, the hoopla is over.

In fact, with the latest from Kanye West, who knows what that impact will be. After the ridicule of Kanye comes the healing.

For those of you who are doubters, ask yourself this: How many Leftists do you think now look at Trump differently, positively?

Even if you believe this number to be greater than 2%, that’s huge when you consider the November 2018 election.

For those wondering, I predict the next end of the world as election day of this year. Ironically, the Democrats WILL know what hit them.


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