Mueller Pins Hopes on Democrats Winning the House

Mueller Pins Hopes on Democrats Winning the House

Robert Mueller has no case. His “investigation” has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime.

If you follow Mueller down the rabbit hole, Stormy Daniels must be a Russian operative whose real name is Natasha Bigboobskaya, and she traded Trump sex for secrets.

Too bad anything possibly related to the “Russian” porn star happened over a decade before Trump became president.

But don’t let that stop Mueller from keeping the narrative of Trump-Russian collusion hanging on like a hair on a biscuit.

Considering that Mueller began his investigation in May of 2017 based on the notion that Trump and satellites worked with the Russians to influence the election, and the fact that Mueller has produced not a single piece of evidence to the contrary, any sane person would have ended this.

But Democrats are far from sane.

The group that promised cooperation have either destroyed evidence, lied under oath, redacted documents, or delayed producing anything that would clear up this mess of Democrats’ creation. They did these things, because the Democrats are the real culprits.

From Obama’s monitoring of the FBI’s witch hunt and sanctioning of the fraudulent document that prompted the FISA court ruling to spy on Trump down the FBI agents assigned to cover for Clinton and torment Trump, the stench of Democrat shenanigans reeks.

So what’s the end game, I asked myself.

The Democrats are running out of options.

Either they fess up, and end the charade or risk devastation. The FBI is tainted, as is most of the Obama administration. I wrote recently that Obama has been uninvited to the royal wedding, because the House of Windsor knows rotten when they see it. History won’t have Prince Harry ruined from his association with the first president who goes to prison.

What is the real reason the Obamas are not invited. Moreover, why make an announcement in advance that they are not going to the wedding.

I believe the Brits have done their homework. Because the Brits are very big on ceremony, and thorough to a fault, particularly when it comes to history.

With all that is brewing with Barack Obama, I suspect Windsor Palace issued the directive to not have the Obamas in attendance.

But if Bill Clinton taught us anything, Democrats don’t admit to anything, until the DNA is tested.

So Democrats fight.

Mueller reduces himself to chasing former porn stars and the like. And believe it or not, his antics will get more frantic.

Meanwhile, the public won’t forget Uranium One, the Strzok-Page texts, McCabe’s lies under Oath, and so on.

Rosenstein Gives Up the Goods

Senator Devin Nunes threatened contempt, and Deputy Director of the Justice Department Rosenstein finally gave up the goods. What took so long?

From what I hear the documents weren’t redacted much. So people wondered why there has been no big media splash on revelations from the findings.

The better question is why haven’t the Left bragged about the documents being presented, and there is no smoking gun?

The answer: the arsenal is burning!

I can hardly contain myself for what Nunes finds. I’m sure the Democrats did all they could to continue the cover-up. So once Nunes and team figure out what they have, I expect more dominoes to fall.

Then there is that pesky Inspector General. Horowitz blew the whistle on the first part of the scandal involving the FBI. Now that the IG looks into the Clinton Foundation, expect sparks to fly soon.

So what can Mueller possibly be holding out for?

The Democrat victory in 2018 to take over the House. That’s the ONLY thing that could come close to saving them.

The Democrats now bet the farm on winning the House. When they lose, they can cancel Christmas. And 2019 won’t be a Happy New Year either.





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