Professional Jealousy: Why the Left Hate Trump

Professional Jealousy: Why the Left Hate Trump

Think about it. A self-made billionaire playboy who can grab women by the p*ssy with immunity. He actually bragged about it.

Donald Trump is a Hollywood star who has his own reality show and catchphrase.

The man hung around the most beautiful maidens in the world, and according to the Left he chooses to bed a porn star. That’s GANGSTA!

For Trump, all those young beauties who participated in his pageants would be too easy to please. Trump wanted a porn star, a woman who knows sex. And if you believe the Left, he slayed that dragoness. One and done!

How many men do you know who would want to test their sexual prowess with a porn star, even if God ordained it?! That’s too big a measuring stick for most men. But not for “Little Hands Big Crotch”, Donald Trump’s Indian name.

To accuse Trump of bedding porn chick gives the man serious props; at least that’s how it should be with Bizarro World denizens, aka brain-dead Leftist zombies. But no. Instead they try to use porn chick as a prop to bring Trump down. It won’t happen.

So the mere fact that they try leads me to conclude that the Left so want Trump’s life to be Obama’s life.

Consider the fiction the Left created for Obama.

The son of a Kenyan goat-herder. In retrospect this history of Obama is laughable, particularly given that Obama governed like a goat-herder.

So amazingly, the Left attempt to use Trump’s rock star life against him; a life that would have made Obama bigger than Bill Clinton.

If you want to have some fun, revisit the hoopla over Barry Soetoro-turned-Barack Obama. The enigma.

Soetoro was raised by white grandparents, whom he learned to hate. They gave him a middle-class life in Hawaii. So Obama was as black as Doogie Houser.

Instead of working hard, Obama was a slacker. He did nothing to take advantage of his upbringing, and was a sheister. That’s how he got elected to every office he ever held.

In contrast, Donald Trump is everything the Left want Obama to be. What I see in the Left’s attacks on Trump is professional jealousy.

A New York City-raised silver spoon kid who did well. Regardless of political affiliation, one would think Leftists would love this story. Trump’s is no Harry Truman, for example. Plucked from the hills of Missouri. No, Trump is a glitz and glam celebrity type, representing all that America can do for you. For all intents, a blue-collar Kennedy.

What’s not to love.

The son takes a million dollar loan from his father and becomes a billionaire. He didn’t get hooked on drugs or blow his money gambling. Donald Trump worked the system, and usually Democrats love people who work the system.

Better yet, the man is divorced; multiple times. Thus, Trump is no holier-than-thou Bible-thumping pure-as-fresh-snow conservative. He’s beautifully flawed. But he doesn’t run from it.

Moreover, Trump is a pragmatist who knows the game, and allows people to play the game. He listens, and is reasonable. He actually enjoys “dealing”.

Look at his political record, donating to both parties. Look at various events throughout his life, and you will see Trump with politicos of all persuasions. What a dream boat for either party, and we Republicans got him.

Our hero is a billionaire who can get the ladies. The Left created an impoverished “Jesus” figure who prefers the company of men. Obama has no lingering lovelies from his past, at least no real ones.

For a bit of fun at the next meeting with Leftists, put Trump’s life on one side of a piece of paper (the right side, of course!), then put Obama’s on the other. Don’t put names.

Then ask the Leftists to pick the person they’d rather be: a billionaire playboy who becomes president or chum-smoking piker who’s still trying to find himself.

I’m not bourgeois cocktail-sipper, but I choose the former. My father was an inmate in San Quentin, and I’m considering petitioning to make my daddy Trump’s father.

The Left secretly want Trump as their champion.

They would trade one Donald Trump for a MILLION Barack Obamas given the chance. 

They tried to brow-beat Trump into being a Democrat. After all, he is from New York, he’s rich, and he’s a playboy.

I can see Leftist women crying to their daddies: “I want him! He’s MIIIINNNE!”

But the Republicans got him. And you can bet that Trump reluctantly became a Republican, because their leadership hasn’t done him any favors. Nevertheless, I suspect Trump couldn’t fathom being a Democrat. After all, he knows politics from the bowels, deep inside these big city Democrat-controlled machines.

Trump had but one choice.

I remind you that Leftists dared Trump to run for president. Here’s what I wrote after Trump’s victory, complete with the shocking video:

I can only imagine how difficult it was for Hillary Clinton to concede to Donald Trump. Or as Hillary Clinton thought of him: lowly Donald Trump.

Furthermore, what of Barack Obama. Millions join me in rolling on the floor laughing at Obama, as he was forced to invite Donald Trump to the White House as President-Elect Trump. Only a few days earlier, Obama commented yet again that Trump was wholly unqualified to be president of the United States. Yet again, Trump gets the last laugh!

What price would you have paid to see the look on Hillary Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s face when the reality of President-Elect Trump set in? As they say in the Visa commercials: PRICELESS!

I will laugh for the next four years as I fondly recall the Leftist who viewed Trump as a moron, and those of us who supported him as “deplorables.”

The worm has turned.

Democrats pretended not to like him, because they had a new champion. The vivacious (not!) Hillary Clinton.

But if you think Democrats lament Obama in retrospect, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

As for me, I’m happy with billionaire lover boy. Through whatever trash you want at him, I’m keeping on my PHAT 10-carat ring, and laughing all the way to the mansion on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Six plus more years of marital bliss.



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