Trump Tricks Democrats into Armageddon on November 2018

Trump Tricks Democrats into Armageddon on November 2018.

Donald Trump set an elaborate trap for the Democrats in 2018 and they have gladly entered the dead zone.

Trump’s tax cut marked the Dungeon of Doom for Democrats.

The Democrats took a page from Republicans, as they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Now Democrats have the unenviable position of playing the bad guys. Yes, the worm has turned, the Earth’s axis tilts right…as in Right.

The Democrats very public and stated strategy to win election in 2018 lies in repealing Trump tax cuts. On Tuesday, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) told CNBC that if Democrats regain the majority after the 2018 election, they will look to raise taxes.

CNBC: Are you looking at raising the tax rate again on the highest earners?

Democrat Steny Hoyer: I think certainly we’ll look to have revenues as opposed to simply creating more debt. This bill is going to create debt. Obama created and previous presidents created.

Note Democrats’ use of the term “revenues” when they talking about raising taxes today.

It’s a nice play on words to distract from their real intentions– like the “Affordable” Care Act.

As with Obamacare, Democrats want to steal money back into the treasury. And their plan is to cause class warfare.

Nancy Pelosi tried to walk back her “crumbs” statement recently, saying that although middle-class America did get tax cuts, the rich got a lot more. And!

The rich are supposed to get a lot more, as they pay a lot more, Stupid Nancy!

What middle-class America will remember is the ability to buy that little extra, or to pay off a bill.

And what of the revitalized economy?

The same tax cuts that made Christmas last year the best in recent history. And this Christmas, the same will happen. Now the Democrats want to take that away?! Right before Christmas!?

So much for doom and gloom. Most Americans benefited from the tax cut, and they continue to. So yet again, the Democrats overplayed their predictions of Armageddon, and this time people noticed.

The gift that keeps on giving.

Recently the largest bakery in the country announced bonuses for employees. So the trickle down effect continues, and it will for some time.

Initially on passage of the tax bill, a handful of companies announced bonuses to employees. AT&T and American Airlines were early adopters.

However, that list has grown to over 509 companies, with no end in sight. A few mentioned are:

 Advance Financial

  • Increase in 401(k) match; increase in profit sharing; increase in charitable donations. 

Alaska Airlines

  • $1,000 bonuses for 22,000 employees

 Bank of Hawaii

  • $1,000 bonuses to 2,074 employees; base wage increase from $12 to $15


 – $1,200 bonuses for 27,000 employees; base wage will rise from $12 to $15 per hour; $100 million in charitable donations

Fifth Third Bancorp

 – $1,000 bonuses for 13,500 employees; base wage will rise to $15

 PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

 — $1,000 bonuses to 47,500 employees; an additional $1,500 in employee pension accounts; base wage hike to $15; $200 million charitable contribution

 The Traveler

s Companies, Inc.

 — $1,000 bonuses for 14,000 employees; base wage raised to $15 per hour

You can read the full list here.

Further, John Kartch, ATR’s vice president of communications, told the Washington Examiner.

 “Small businesses from across the country are sending me news of their tax-cut bonuses, wage hikes, and charitable donations. Many of these were only announced internally. There is a broad and deep tsunami building,”

 “Every announcement of another company raising wages, hiring, paying bonuses, investing in America is another nail in the coffin of the Democrat attacks on the Republican tax cut. This drip, drip, drip is added to the daily reports on stock market gains, the bigger checks in pay envelopes and the jump in your 401K and IRA.”

Yet after these companies started announcing the bonuses and wage growth hard working Americans would receive, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi had the nerve to call these bonuses “crumbs.”

“Their predicate is this tax cut, which is everything to them,” Pelosi said during her weekly press conference. “It’s in their DNA that they will have trickle down, tax cuts at the high end.”

“A banquet for everyone up here. Crumbs for people down here. I’ll repeat that,” she said, a reference to Republicans who have criticized her for calling the effects of the law “crumbs.”

In fact, Pelosi was so upset by the tax cuts she even tweeted a meme depicting the middle class chasing their “crumbs.”

Trump’s tax cut allowed breathing room for companies.

America’s companies were overburdened with taxes, as well as onerous legislation that stifled growth. With the tax cuts and removal of bureaucratic hurdles, companies are free to innovate. Better yet, CEOs now feel they can plan for a better future, free of Leftist job-killing policies.

Many companies now invest more in R&D, innovation centers, marketing, and product development.

Leave it to the Democrats to roll out a strategy to get votes that penalizes the taxpayers. Even the feckless Republicans can’t blow this, now that they have a true leader at the helm.


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