Kevin Jackson: We Are Killing People for American Diversity

Kevin Jackson: We Are Killing People for American Diversity

Few people will admit this but Leftism kills in the name of diversity.

The only countries held to any standard of diversity are civilized countries who have the most diversity in the world. And these countries invite in killers.

The United States is likely the most diverse country in the history of man. Next might be Canada, then the UK or other predominantly white European countries.

As Kevin Jackson points out while a guest on Fox & Friends, the most diverse and tolerant countries are held to the highest standards.

“We are killing people for America diversity.”

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When is the last time anybody questioned the diversity of any country in Africa outside of South Africa?

What about Central American countries? Middle Eastern countries?

The least diverse countries in the world are countries of color. And ironically, more of their people are on the run from their countries than all the aforementioned diverse countries have had in their existence.

Of the estimated 65.2 million refugees in the world, the most in human history, how many hail from the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Norway, Sweden…I think you get my point.

Talk about your double-standard.

Now, in defense of these Third World armpits, nobody wants to go to these countries. As I indicated earlier, even their own citizens want the hell out.

Leftism has created a problem in America and elsewhere that doesn’t exist. Leftists have shamed civilized countries into taking in people who can’t live among themselves peacefully. And while I appreciate the humanitarianism involved, the problem is not requiring those people to adapt to civilized culture.

Consider that once these immigrants enter their new countries, the first thing Leftists do is require change of the indigenous people to suit the needs of the new arrivals. And there is no denying this truth.

Muslims all over the world now demand their religious rights, in lieu of whatever laws are in place. As the ingrate says to his benefactor, “F*ck you very much!”

Kevin Jackson nails it.

It’s time the world is held to the same standards of America and other civilized countries. If the Left want globalization, then let’s give it to them.

Muslim countries should allow Christians to live in peace. They should abandon their patriarchal, misogynistic practices. Further, they must stop their racist, xenophobic practices as well.


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