EXPOSED: First Crossfire Hurricane Now Fast and Furious

EXPOSED: First Crossfire Hurricane Now Fast and Furious

Crossfire Hurricane is the illegal FBI project that now forebodes the Democrats’ doom. But we Conservatives have plenty more Obama scandals waiting in the wings.

Recall that Obama claimed to have a scandal-free administration. Then the IRS settled with the Conservative groups who Lois Lerner (and friends) targeted.

And in the spirit of exposing yet another Obama lie, we find out from Reuters that Fast and Furious is back in play.

The U.S. Justice Department has agreed to provide congressional investigators confidential records on a failed gun-trafficking operation during the Obama administration known as “Fast and Furious” that long has been criticized by Republican lawmakers.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department would hand over documents to the Republican-led House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that had been withheld by Democratic former President Barack Obama’s administration.

The agreement reached by Republican President Donald Trump’s administration will effectively end a six-year long legal battle in which the committee had gone to federal court to try to enforce a subpoena it had issued to obtain the records.

Congressional Republicans have been pressing the Justice Department for years about the operation. Named after a movie about car racing, the operation sought to curb gun-trafficking criminals who were selling weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

When did MS-13 enjoy its unfettered growth? During the Era of Obama.

And this is not a coincidence.

Obama engendered ISIS, put black thuggery on steroids, and MS-13 criminals.

Today, we find ourselves today watching the media meltdown, as President Trump calls them animals.

That’s what MS-13 gangbangers are.

While the media at first attempted to say that the president referred to all illegals as animals, that fake news narrative quickly backfired.

The Left didn’t anticipate that happening. They felt they set the narrative, and it would stick. Therefore, they were all too happy to backtrack, thinking the damage had been done.

If this reminds you of their strategy when pre-President Donald Trump made essentially the same declaration of some illegal bad actors, you would be right. The rinse and repeat strategy the Left depends on and counts on so often again failed.

Next, Leftists shifted to the tried and normally true strategy of making the discussion racist.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes initially said of President Trump

At a certain point you run out of language strong enough to describe and condemn the president’s bigotry. It’s vile.

After learning of his flawed research on President Trump’s MSNBC’s Chris Hayes went racial.

Back to Fast and Furious.

What will the Left do when they learn that Fast and Furious was indeed an attempt by the Obama administration to bring in hordes of illegals as refugees? 

I’m sure they will look for excuses for Obama. But how many more non-scandal scandals can the Obama “legacy” handle? I suggest that Obama will be yesterday’s news by the end of 2018.

Then there’s Eric Holder. The man who dedicated himself to protecting Baby Black Jesus will, repeat will end up in court, and eventually in jail.

Some think this represents wishful thinking on my part. Admittedly, I do like to see crooks get justice. But if anybody deserves to be in prison for obstruction, it’s Eric Holder.

Regardless, we now at least will get a true look at this project. And I suspect it will end up like the Russian Collusion investigation, spinning back on the Obama administration and Democrats, in general.

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