Farrakhan Endorsement of Trump: Bigger Than Kanye’s

Farrakhan Endorsement of Trump: Bigger Than Kanye’s

The secret Democrats would do anything to keep is President’s support in the black community.

The Kanye Effect scared the Democrats into brown underwear. And rightfully so. While the hoopla has died down on things, the ripple effect continues.

But the latest endorsement of President Trump’s policies has the potential to rip a hole through the heart of Democrats. The man who endorsed Trump is the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan.

But before I tell you what Farrakhan said recently, listen to what Farrakhan said about then Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump during a Dec. 11, 2015 appearance on Chicago’s Radio’s Cliff Kelley Show on WVON:

“If Donald Trump becomes president, he will take America into the abyss of hell.”

Not exactly a fan of President Trump at the time back in 2015. However, things have changed, even if by accident.

Appearing on Chicago radio station WGCI, on a program titled “The Morning Takeover,” Farrakhan gave what can only be interpreted as an endorsement of President Trump.

Partial transcript:

The nature of this administration is good for us. Because of Trump’s way, he is an anomaly. There’s never been no president quite like Mr. Trump. There’s something that he’s doing. 

Trump is destroying every enemy that was an enemy of our rise. Who’s the enemy of our rise?

Is it the Department of Justice, where we get none? Is it Congress where you make a law that favors us, then you turn around and destroy it? Is it the media that has destroyed every black leader that stood up for us. MLK suffered it, Malcolm suffered it. He’s attacking the media, calls it “fake news!” We have been the victims of some fake news! {Yeah} He’s beating up the FBI! Go at it, Baby! They’ve been beating the hell out of us…

Talk about a condemnation of the Left and their institutions.

Farrakhan just cut Trump’s commercials for the black community in 2020.

Considering that America came off 8 years of a black president, one would think Farrakhan understands that he is in effect condemning Barack Obama’s presidency.

Obama attacked NONE of the institutions Farrakhan discussed. In fact, we learn now that Obama used those very institutions in an attempt to damage Trump, the man whom Farrakhan now considers a champion.

How well do you think it will resonate in the black community, that Trump championed the fall of the impediments to success of blacks, ergo success for all.

So now what?

What more do the Republicans need to make hay? Nothing.

The Republicans were handed the “cheat codes” to the political game. They have permission to address blacks and repeat Trump’s campaign phrase: What more do you have to lose?!

Trump gave them an answer, as blacks are winning. Farrakhan acknowledged it.

The Tea Party Community will certainly run with this new endorsement of Trump’s policies. Because like Trump, the Tea Party Community provides the best answer for blacks and ALL Americans.

What else will Farrakhan admit is right about Conservatives? Stay tuned.



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