Democrats’ New Message: “Drain the Swamp”

Democrats’ New Message: “Drain the Swamp”

When Donald Trump announced his run for president he became an instant laughing stock.

The leftist media, Democrats and even RINO Republicans thought Trump would never win, especially with the platform he promised to deliver.

After witnessing the left’s melt down for over two years with a Russia collusion witch hunt to try and discredit him, many Americans are surprised at just how great Trump has performed.

Unrelenting in his protection of America and its citizens, President Trump proves daily that he meant MAGA, as well as “America First”. And in achieving those goals, Trump knew it would be necessary to drain the swamp. He coined all these phrases early on, and they stuck.

Thus, Democrats want in on Trump’s moves.

Democrats are now employing a familiar rallying cry that helped define President Trump’s presidential campaign, a combative messaging shift ahead of what analysts say will be a bruising midterm election season.

Expect to hear Democrats urging voters to “drain the swamp” this time around, observers say, because their internal polling has shown that the electorate is increasingly concerned about weeding out corruption in Washington a year and a half after Trump’s win.

“President Trump has embraced the most egregious establishment Republican norms and appointed the most conflict-of-interest-ridden Cabinet in my lifetime,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, told reporters Monday.

He added: “The swamp has never been more foul, or more fetid, than under this president.” 

The move is a shift for Democrats, who last summer emphasized their positive plans to improve the economy, instead of taking shots at Trump and supposed cronyism in the White House, The Hill reported.

Ironic, that Democrats would now embrace the same slogans they previously criticized when Trump came up with them. Apparently Democrats now realize if you can’t beat Trump, steal his moves.

How laughable that Democrats have sunk so low that they need to steal from Trump. But talk about too little too late.

It appears the messageless Democrats didn’t get the memo that the swamp is already being drained by Trump.

More than three dozen lawmakers will not be returning to Congress after the 2018 midterm elections.

Some have resigned amid scandal, some are retiring at the end of this term, some are seeking higher office and some have joined the Trump administration.

Senate retirements

House retirements

Anybody think this is by accident?

Trump has almost singlehandedly removed the need for term limits, as likely the most Congressmen in modern history have gladly chosen to give up their seats. One can only suspect that most of these people have “dirty” on them. And you can bet they prefer to avoid a Trump Twitter exposure.

While not all these politicians are crooks and scoundrels, most are. No doubt the swamp represents the Deep State. And Democrats represent the biggest and most numerous swamp rats. Now many of them look for a life raft.

Democrats stole the mantle of Civil Rights from the Republicans. But you can bet that Trump won’t allow theft of his moves or mantras. They will need to rely on whatever message they have.

Pop quiz: What is the Democrats’ 2018 message?

If you answered, “Better, better, better” then you are ahead of the curve.

But we already tried “better” didn’t we? It went a little something like “Hope and change” and “Yes we can!” But no we didn’t.

The only problem for Democrats is President Trump is the one who is ACTUALLY delivering, “Better, better, better!”

“Better jobs, better economy, better Presidency!” All courtesy of Donald Trump.

If things get any better, the Democrats may soon all be wearing MAGA hats!

How vexing it is for the Left that no matter what they do, President Trump does better better better in the polls!


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