North Korean Talks Mean Bad Mid-Terms for Democrats

The Democrats have a real problem on their hands.

It’s public perception. No, actually it’s public reality.

The Democrats are on the wrong side of lots of issues these days, likely due to Trump Derangement Syndrome. Now Democrats find themselves hoping against America and logic.

In the most recent case, Democrats hope against denuclearization of North Korea. Imagine cheering against a meeting that could bring peace to the Korean peninsula.

The media actually mocked the president, saying the talks are on again off again. One could sense the jubilation of the potential that the talks would be canceled or derailed for any reason.

But we now learn that Kim Jong-un remains committed to denuclearization, at least according to South Korean President Moon Jae-in said.

He added that the planned summit between Kim and President Trump can and will take place.

According to CNN,

The two leaders met secretly on Saturday morning, after Trump’s surprise announcement on Thursday. Moon said Kim “expressed his intent to settle the history of war and confrontation, and to cooperate for peace and prosperity through the success of the North Korea-U.S. summit,”


A quick reminder of the what the Democrats supported on the heels of the November 6, 2018 mid-term election.

Democrats supported a porn star. They hung (and continue to hang) their hopes on the notion that Donald Trump might have paid a woman for sex. And not while he was president.

Let’s face it–Democrats are not known for their morality. Moreover, they certainly don’t have the Lily Ledbetter Act to fall back on, as $130,000 for a roll in the hay is more than the going rate. I’m betting that Trump might run on the notion that he’s more than for equal pay for women, as NO man could have gotten that gig. So Trump has women covered, as well as discrimination against men.

Next, Democrats’ mid-term platform plank is they are angry about President Trump giving money back to citizens. The Democrats promise to TAKE THAT MONEY BACK.

I know all companies didn’t give back bonuses. But many did, and those bonuses got a lot of press. Anywhere from $500 to thousands we back to taxpaying Americans.

But the tax cuts did something much better, as the majority of Americans now enjoy the “crumbs” each week in their paychecks. And they use their crumbs to bread their pork chops.

I hardly know anything better than one’s larger paycheck as a reminder of the Trump tax cuts. But if taxes isn’t your bag, then what about terrorism.

If voting unanimously against giving people their money back isn’t bad enough, Democrats  have sided with MS-13.

Apparently Trump’s language where he deemed MS-13 gang members “animals” has angered the Left. Many defended the gang, saying they are “human beings”.

Initially Democrats and other Leftists tried to lump all illegals in Trump’s statement. They tried to same tactic as they used during the campaign, which was to paint Trump as a racist, xenophobe.

However, that strategy quickly backfired. In the end, Leftists were perceived as siding with drug-trafficking, human-trafficking, murderers.

What a resume to run on in November!


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