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Leftist Millennials: Even their Parents Don’t Want Them

Leftist Millennials: Even their Parents Don’t Want Them

As Kevin Jackson once pointed out, millennials are likely the most self-indulgent, entitled generation in the history of America. Not only do they bellyache constantly, but now many blatantly refuse to become adults.

For two New York parents, a judge was their only hope in achieving the proverbial “empty nest.”

According to Fox 2,

A couple in New York is seeking help from the law to get their 30-year-old son out of the house.

Christina and Mark Rotondo say they’ve been trying to get their 30-year-old son, Michael Rotondo, to leave their home for several months.

In fact, they say they have even given him several written notices to leave the property.

According to WSTM, the couple gave Michael a note on Feb. 2, telling him to leave the home within 14 days. Two weeks later, he received another note that said he was “hereby evicted” and that he had until March 15 to move.

In March, they gave him another note that said they “have seen no indication that you are preparing to leave.”

After the notes failed to inspire action, the couple filed court documents to have the case heard by the Supreme Court of New York State. The filings state that the couple has been told they cannot evict Michael since he is a family member, and he will have to be removed through an ejectment proceeding.

Just a Little More Time

Michael Rotondo is fighting his parents’ court action. This guy claims he just hasn’t had enough time to get it together. Of course, he’s 30, so he’s a good decade past average age of ejection.

Personally, I remember chomping at the bit to move out by the time I turned 18. I bet most of you have the same story. It includes parents crying at the site of some junky little car loaded down with childhood possessions headed for some tiny, over-priced apartment.

Sadly, Michael Rotondo lacks the primal desire to go out into the world. However, this random law preventing the eviction of a family member gave him the tools he needed to become a professional moocher.

Josh Barro, Senior Editor at Business Insider tweeted:

Michael Rotondo is outraged that his parents won’t give him free rent anymore, but what about the barber who stopped giving him free haircuts 18 months ago? https://hotair.com/archives/2018/05/23/30-year-old-evicted-parents-home-exactly-guy-thought-hed/ 

Barro continued the assault, when he pointed out that Rotondo doesn’t believe in private property.

Alternative tweet: If Michael Rotondo doesn’t believe in private property, why does he dress like a libertarian?



A judge evicted Rotondo.

And he promptly declared that after 8 years, he wanted to leave. However, prior to the judges order, Rotondo claimed there’s no reason to ask him to leave.

Who would ask their 30-year-old vagrant to leave when he pays for nothing, does not chores or help maintain the household.

Entitlement Personified

Like many members of his generation, Rotondo expects to get something for nothing. And he’s not even ashamed of the fact that he’s taking advantage of his own family. He’d rather work on his legal defense than go house hunting. Still, there is one question that just drives me crazy about all this. Why did it take five notes and a judge to get rid of this guy?

If it were my house, I would toss a box of clothes on the front lawn and change the locks.



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