Politics, Sports, and Racist Presidents

Politics, Sports, and Racist Presidents

People will forgive you for being wrong, but they will never forgive you for being right, especially if the events prove you right while proving them wrong. Thomas Sowell.

Nearly every president since William Howard Taft has thrown out the first pitch on the opening day of each Major League Baseball since 1910.

When President Taft threw a baseball from the stands at Griffith Stadium, home of the Washington Senators, a tradition was born. Each POTUS who has thrown out at least one ceremonial first ball or stand tall on the mound, either for Opening Day, the All-Star Game, or the World Series, was usually met with much pomp and circumstance. Since POTUS Taft threw out that first baseball, there have been times that politics has absolutely tainted sports.

The 1968 Mexico City Olympics are best remembered for the political demonstration conducted by African-American track athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

After Smith and Carlos both respectively won gold and bronze medals in the 200 meters, the duo turned on the podium to face the Stars and Stripes, during “The Star Spangle Banner.” Next, the two medal winners raised black-gloved fists, and kept them raised until the anthem had finished, protesting human rights abuses of blacks in America.

This event is regarded as one of the biggest political statements in modern Olympic history. As a result, Avery Brundage, President of the International Olympic Committee, arbitrarily decided that Carlos and Smith’s demonstration was a “domestic political statement unfit for the apolitical (yeah right!), international forum the Olympic Games are intended to be.”

In response to their actions, Brundage ordered Smith and Carlos suspended from the US team and subsequently banned from the Olympic Village. When the US Olympic Committee refused, Brundage threatened to disqualify the entire US track team.

The USOC buckled to the threat, thus the two athletes were expelled from the games, as well as from participating in the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, Germany–noted for the murders of Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists.

Further political irony, not one word was uttered of that horrific event by Brundage and the IOC.

The overwhelming growth of cable television and social media provides athletes from all sports move opportunities to offer their political stances. Colin Kaepernick has become synonymous with kneeling in the NFL.

The NBA has a rule that the players must stand during the National Anthem. However, a number of players, including the league’s biggest stars Stephen Curry and LeBron James made public their support of Kaepernick.

Only one MLB player, former Oakland A’s backup rookie catcher Bruce Maxwell became baseball’s first and only player to kneel during the national anthem. During the off-season, Maxwell had a run-in with the law, thus the use of “former”.

In the NHL, Tampa Bay Lightning forward J.T. Brown, the only NHL player to protest during the national anthem, raised a fist during “The Star-Spangled Banner”. He stopped his protest after just one time. Later, he thanked teammates, coaches and management for backing him up.

But the protest didn’t end there.

The ceremonial White House visits for championship teams has become political. Championship teams now vote on visiting the White House, and some players refuse to visit President Trump.

The MSM commended the teams boycotting POTUSDJT, and hammered the 2017 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins for making the visit as a whole team.

On the other hand, when the Boston Bruins won the Cup in 2011, they visited the Obama White House. Conn Smythe Trophy winner (playoff MVP), goalie Tim Thomas, very clearly demonstrated his political stance and boycotted the visit. The psychopaths from the MSM and trashy ESPN unfairly raked Thomas over the coals.

Obviously, we are more than aware of how POTUSDJT has been treated in an overwhelmingly hideous and unfavorable manner by the troglodyte dregs of the cosmopolitan-biased, cultural supremacist corporate mainstream media. Furthermore, the  leftist media has completely lost its mind in two additional, and rather repugnant, ways:

On April 6, 2018 a coach bus was carrying members of the Humbolt Broncos, a junior team of 16-21 year olds, in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, as well as coaches and others associated with the team, were traveling to a playoff game in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, when the crash occurred. The team bus collided with a semi-trailer truck near Armley Saskatchewan, which killed 16 people and injured 13.

The Huffington Post Canada, of all news outlets, ran an article about the establishment of a “GoFundMe” page for the families of the Broncos’ players. Moreover, HuffPost Canada reported that the “GoFundMe” page surpassed $4 million. At last count, there are still 10 victims in the hospital as a result of the crash. TSN reported that Brayden Camrud, a Broncos player, had been released from the hospital.

Once again, the mental instability of the extremist left came bursting out in a most vile and self-serving manner.

An extremist, far-left activist and socialist journalist from Quebec, Nora Loreto (?), chose to politicize this tragedy because of the “whiteness” and “maleness” of the players and staff. This pathetic opinion was pointedly and extremely anti-male and passed sentence on “white privilege,” which was posted on Twitter.

This “writer” posted:

“I’m trying to not get cynical about what is a totally devastating tragedy but the maleness, the youthfulness and the whiteness of the victims are, of course, playing a significant role.”

Really? Their maleness, youthfulness and whiteness caused the accident? I pity Loreto.

The next example involves President Trump.

As we know, POTUSDJT uses social media as a direct communication tool because the troglodytes of the MSM will edit, distort and ignore his words. This is similar to FDR’s “Fireside Chats” with the nation during The Great Depression and World War II.

In regard to a POTUSDJT April 21, 2018 Twitter posting, he was approached with the idea of pardoning former Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson by Sylvester Stallone. The Twitter posting read:

“Sylvester Stallone called me with the story of heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson,” POTUSDJT wrote. “His trials and tribulations were great, his life complex and controversial. Others have looked at this over the years, most thought it would be done, but yes, I am considering a Full Pardon!”

Jack Johnson (March 31, 1878-June 10,1946) was the first Black Heavyweight boxing Champion. He was nicknamed the Galveston Giant,” at the height of the Jim Crow Era. He was the heavyweight boxing champion from 1908–1915. He was one of the most popular and dominant champions of his era.

In 1912, Johnson was arrested on charges of violating the Mann Act. This arcane and racist Federal law forbade the transportation of a woman across state lines for “immoral purposes.”

The Mann Act was actually put into the books to prevent interstate prostitution, but used by angry racist Democrats at the time to ensnare Jack Johnson.

Under the Mann Act, Johnson was sentenced to ten months in prison in 1912, merely for being a black man. Sports fan and superb American POTUSDJT recently pardoned Jack Johnson. Curiously, even the country’s first black POTUS Obama refused to issue a pardon for another “firster.”

Shortly after the news broke that POTUSDJT was considering pardoning Johnson, “sports editor” Dave Zirin absolutely imploded. This “sports editor” put on an embarrassing display of his absolute hate and disdain for POTUSDJT.

Zirin made the claim that POTUSDJT would have hated Johnson. He went on to make even more outlandish accusations, saying that Trump would have tried to stop him from fighting and wrongfully sentences innocent black men to death.

Both GW Bush and Obama ignored the requests to issue a pardon for Johnson.

Yet we got media silence to these nonsensical ramblings of Zirin, as well as the blatant oversight by Bush and Obama.

Since the day that Trump declared his intention to make a run for the White House, now President Donald John Trump, has been called an infinite number of evil, and other disgusting and false things.

He has been called a racist, despite freeing black criminals in China, and appointing a black female general in the Marine Core.

Though working closely with Israel and vowing protection, Trump is called an anti-Semite. Add to this misogynist, Nazi, white supremacist, and predator, among other vile things.

What is interesting is that POTUSDJT was none of the aforementioned adjectives until he entered the 2016 Presidential Election, and handily defeated the overwhelming favorite. In addition, private citizen POTUSDJT received awards from the NAACP and the Muhammed Ali Foundation. AND POTUSDJT has not been asked to return them.

So how does a 70+ year old man suddenly turn into a bigot? Because the bootlicking dregs of the cosmopolitan-biased corporate mainstream media said so.

As a lifelong fan of the New York Islanders and Mets, I’m appalled that politics and sports have become so deeply threaded together. I don’t need the distractions and being told what to do, especially from the extremists of the liberal leftist establishment.


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