President Trump Just CRUSHED Global Eco-Bullies

President Trump Just CRUSHED Global Eco-Bullies

Global warming is losing the ability to scare people.

Therefore, scientists are searching for new ways to aid liberals.

In elementary school we are introduced to the scientific method. As I remember it, you come up with a hypothesis. Then you research it, perform experiments to test the hypothesis.

If you can prove your idea holds water, it become a theory. Not a fact, a theory. If your idea doesn’t hold water, you toss it out and start over.

If we apply the scientific method to global warming, it seems the evidence was simply discarded.

According to MIT’s professor of Atmospheric Physics Richard Lindzen, years ago scientists reached a consensus on global climate change long before the research even started.

As Lindzen discovered, facts indeed appeared. However, when they did, global warming subscribers either manipulated and outright changed the data. Or they ignored the facts altogether. Thus, they created the biggest scam of this millennium.

Now, it’s getting harder to defend the farce of global warming, so Leftists have picked new targets: plastics.

The ideas remains the same.

The industrialized world is to blame. Thus, capitalism and free markets are the enemies. The solution lies in wiping out the wealthy,

And let’s not forget–it’s all Trump’s fault.

Picking on Plastics


As Technocracy News & Trends explains:

Long term, the replacement issue will be human threats to water. Signs of this are already evident with environmental alarmists like Peter Gleick using terms such as “peak water.” In the short term, the focus must remain on the fossil fuels so there is a campaign against plastics. A lot of people don’t realize that so many of the products, like plastics that have improved our world, come from fossil fuels through the petrochemical industries.

The target is the US and Trump’s energy policies, but what are the facts? The United States is responsible for less than 1% of the plastic in the oceans. Five countries, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, contribute at least 60% of the total.

It doesn’t matter what the facts are because the skill of the environmentalists to misrepresent the truth is without equal. In the week Al Gore’s brilliant piece of propaganda, “An Inconvenient Truth” received the Nobel Peace Prize a UK court ruled it was political propaganda with nine major scientific errors. The purveyors of untruths and deceptions know that once the headline is in the mainstream media, it is entrenched, and no COUNTER-ACTIVITY will get traction. As somebody said, a lie is twice around the world before the truth even has its boots on.

Nothing to Lose

While the rest of the world licks it wounds over not achieving any Paris (or other) Climate Accord milestones, President Trump will spring into action.

Technocracy continues:

[Trump] needs to form a committee to meet in the White House to outline a plan for cleaning up the oceans. A combined public/private flotilla can use mothballed navy equipment manned by employees paid for by all the industries in the energy and petrochemical sectors. Think how much plastic an aircraft carrier could hold. They can pay for this using their advertising budget because if promoted effectively, it will become a huge public relations win. It will also engender other opportunities like showing what is done with the rescued and recycled material. If further money is required, then manufacturers can add one cent per pound of plastic produced. Another source of revenue, especially to citizens of those small Asian countries, would involve paying for every pound of plastic delivered to the salvage ships.

The message is that socialist environmentalists create and distort problems. Capitalists see problems as prospects. Such is the case and opportunity with plastics, the latest target of eco-bullying.

Wouldn’t this be something, if President Trump gets people to actually become better stewards of the Earth?

What next, peace in the Middle East?!

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