Publix: Just Another Pansy-Assed PC Corporation

Publix: Just Another Pansy-Assed PC Corporation

When will corporate America wake up?

To allow a Hitlerian like David Hogg to force the company to bow to political correctness embarrasses me, and I’m not a stockholder in the company.

I do, however speak on behalf of many Publix stockholders and fellow Americans when I attack the bullying tactics of David Hogg.

Hogg is an opportunist. But Hogg picked the wrong time to go against the gun lobby and more importantly the First Amendment.

Look, I’m all about boycotting. Frankly, I wish Conservatives would boycott more. Because at least we boycott for righteousness. But David Hogg boycotts for the spotlight only. If he really wanted to boycott, he would boycott progressive education in schools.

Schools have been run by Progressives for decades. Progressives have socially experimented with diversity in ethnicity, gender, and religion, to name a few. Progressives also claim to level the playing field for all the downtrodden. Most of all Progressives claim they are tolerant and fight against bullies.

All lies.

In his latest example, Hogg bullied Publix into ending all donations to politicians. I have no idea who started Publix or what political views he, she, or they have. But I do know that their donations shouldn’t cause a boycott. Now if Publix pulled a Target, and tried to socially engineer their stores with transgender bathrooms, that’s different.

In my personal example, I know Leftists run Starbucks. However, it wasn’t until their former CEO Howard Schulz decided to hire refugees to mock President Trump that I decided to personally boycott Starbucks. A few friends likely followed suit, and I hope millions more would. They did.

Then Starbucks decided to offer jobs to veterans, instead. I still maintain the boycott. However, I’m happy to know that Starbucks heard Conservatives, as we voted with our pocketbooks.

Idiot Hogg staged a “die in” at Publix stores.

Customers merely stepped around them. And the whole matter would have blown over, had Publix not overreacted.

But what’s more interesting is how Hogg hurt his Leftist cronies in the process, as a tweet by Caleb Hull noted:


As The Blaze reported,

Publix announced on Friday it would cave to Hogg’s demands. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior was upset Publix donated more than a half million dollars to Putnam’s campaign. Putnam is an unabashedly pro-gun, pro-NRA Republican.

Hogg was so serious about his protest that he organized a “die-in” protest at his local Publix. The negative coverage proved too much for Publix, which announced Friday it would cease all political donations while the company reviews its policies.

“We would never knowingly disappoint our customers or the communities we serve,” company spokesman Dwaine Stevens said in a statement Friday, according to the Orlando Sentinel. “As a result, we decided earlier this week to suspend corporate-funded political contributions as we reevaluate our giving processes.”

Problem is, not only did Publix donate to Republican campaigns and conservative causes, but they also donated across the aisle.

Soon corporations will stop this nonsense. But it will take Conservative showing capitalists who really has the buying power.


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