Once You Go Black: Michelle Obama is America’s Forever First Lady

Once You Go Black: Michelle Obama is America’s Forever First Lady

Once you go black, huh?

Who knew that America would be stuck with Michelle Obama as our “forever first lady”? I guess that comes with Barack Obama being America’s forever first black president?

Michelle Obama says to 8,000 high school seniors in Philly, “To HELL with Melania Trump, I’m still First Lady!”.

Ok, it didn’t go quite like that, but it certainly can be interpreted as such.

After a speech full of inconsistencies about achievement in spite of not having money or a host of other advantages, Michelle Obama tried to uplift high school seniors in Philadelphia with her speech of overcoming hardships.

She regaled them with her worries about attending Princeton under affirmative action. Was she good enough, smart enough, and so on.

She mentioned all the people of privilege, how their money intimidated her. Would their money make them smarter than she? Did they attend better schools? They certainly had better grades.

But she informed the students that if she, America’s “forever first lady” could succeed, so could they.

“I know that you are me. And if I can be standing here as your forever first lady, then you can do anything you put your mind to.”

Obama giggled softly after she uttered “forever first lady,” and the audience cheered wildly. She likely realized just how stupid that sounded. Because less than a minute after calling herself “forever first lady,” Obama closed her speech by calling herself “your former first lady.”

That’s right! Because if anybody should be America’s forever first lady, I vote for Melania!

Events like the one in Philly are being held all over the country. The former (thankfully) first lady now sells the ruse of college education.

These events began in 2014 as a celebration of youth who’ve chosen to further their educations, mostly celebrating college students. They hide their sinister goals by pretending to celebrate kids who opt for community college, vocational training, and the military. However, the focus remains on the ruse of college.

Under Michelle Obama’s husband, the prospect for jobs after college were slim to none. College graduates were saddled with debt, and relegated to menial jobs. That’s if they were lucky enough to find a job.

Then much of their income went to pay off debt. Eventually the graduate realized that they didn’t even like the degree for which they paid a small fortune. Statistics show that almost 80 percent of college graduates don’t work in a job for their degree plan within a decade.

Yet the ruse continues. Thanks in part to the “forever first lady”.




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