Stormy Daniels’ Atty Feeling Wrath of God and Trump

Stormy Daniels’ Atty Feeling Wrath of God and Trump

Like Hillary Clinton, Michael Avenatti picked the wrong person to fight.

He had no idea that Donald Trump lives under the protection of the Almighty!

And that’s why Avenatti finds himself in the crosshairs. His life is now being dissected, and this clown has resorted to threatening real media outlets who dare question his motivation.

But Avenatti now must answer many questions. Things like how he received millions of dollars when he took on Stormy Daniels as a client. And what of his ethics?

According to FOXNEWS.COM, Avenatti is now under investigation by the California bar:

The State Bar of California is investigating porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti, Fox News has confirmed, after a complaint was filed regarding allegedly unpaid taxes.

Fox News on Wednesday obtained an April 18-dated letter verifying the existence of the investigation—unrelated to his representation of Daniels.

“The complaint against attorney Michael J. Avenatti has been reviewed and forwarded to the Enforcement Unit for further investigation and prosecution, if warranted,” said the letter from the state bar, written by Supervising Attorney Anand Kumar and reviewed by Fox News.

This couldn’t have happened to a better scumbag.

Now let’s see where the money trail leads. One thing is for sure, Avenatti can’t like that coffee deal he made a while back with Patrick McDreamy Dempsey.

The article continues,

The complaint itself was filed in late March by attorney David Nold of Bellevue, Wash., regarding Cohen’s role in purchasing Tully’s Coffee several years ago through an entity called Global Baristas.

The complaint, first reported by The Seattle Times, said Avenatti and Global Baristas faced a lien for unpaid federal taxes worth roughly $5 million, claiming taxes were withheld from workers’ paychecks but not paid to the government. The complaint from Nold, as posted by The Seattle Times, called into question Avenatti’s “fitness to practice law.”

Remind me how things are going for Stormy Daniels? Is she still stripping at the ripe at of 50-something?

What about Adam Schiff? The man who never met a camera he didn’t commandeer can’t seem to get any press these days; at least none that indicts President Trump.

Hmmm, and the entirety of James Comey’s FBI? I believe most of them are lawyering up at this point, and awaiting their fates.

And Leftists thought Barack Obama is God. I don’t think so, because there is no way Obama would watch over Trump like the REAL Heavenly Father. One thing is a certainty: Obama will face the music, and show Leftist America that when he is cut, he does bleed.

But, what else will America learn, as the media does its job and investigates Avenatti?

As with all things Leftist, follow the money and you will find the scumbags, yes as in plural.

Avenatti isn’t smart enough to hatch this scheme himself. I can’t wait to see the eunuch pulling his strings.

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