Trump Economic Tsunami CRUSHES Democrats in November

Trump Economic Tsunami CRUSHES Democrats in November

Below Kevin Jackson appeared on The Revolution with Steve Hilton where he predicted the coming tsunami for the American economy. And he makes a further startling prediction.

There are the signs you see now.

Like despite the barrage of negative media, President Trump continues to rise in polling. Even more disturbing for the Democrats is the steady rise.

Democrats can handle polling spikes. So for example if President Trump got a spike for his work in North Korea, the Democrats can predict that. But Democrats are faced with a big problem: Trump has a lot of things going for him that don’t allow spikes to register.

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Thus, the steady, slow “dead-man-walking” polling that forebodes disaster for the Democrats on Nov 6, 2018.

More bad news is that President Trump gains in all polls.

Check out the latest with Millennials from Reuters:

The online survey of more than 16,000 registered voters ages 18 to 34 shows their support for Democrats over Republicans for Congress slipped by about 9 percentage points over the past two years, to 46 percent overall. And they increasingly say the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy.

Although nearly two of three young voters polled said they do not like Republican President Donald Trump, their distaste for him does not necessarily extend to all Republicans or translate directly into votes for Democratic congressional candidates.

Anybody think Millennials won’t eventually like President Trump?

Once the dust settles on the scandals, and dozens of Democrats do the perp walk, I suggest the view of the president by Millennials will change dramatically.

And what of blacks?

Post-Kanye, the president got a surge in the black community. As Politico reported, the president’s numbers surged 100 percent:

President Donald Trump credited his budding alliance with hip-hop mogul Kanye West for a dramatic uptick in his support within the African-American community, a spike so dramatic that Trump said he himself could not believe it.

“Kanye West must have some power because you probably saw I doubled my African-American poll numbers. We went from 11 to 22 in one week,” Trump said in an aside during his remarks at the NRA’s annual meeting in Dallas. “Thank you, Kanye. Thank you. When I saw the number, I said that must be a mistake, how can that happen? Even the pollsters thought there must be a mistake. No, we’ve come a long way.”

Trust me, things will only get worse for Democrats as it pertains to the black vote.

Back to the signs. The tsunami Jackson warned of looms. As President Trump continues to lessen the grip of government, those estimated $2 trillion of deregulation are annual gains, and not just one-time hits. And Trump’s team continues to take the red tape out of working with the Fed.

And let’s not forget trade policy.

Although the remnants of Obama’s trade policies continue to plaque America thus the rise in our trade deficit in 2017, we got the first glimmer of Trump in March. For the first time in years, America actually ran a trade surplus. As Kiplinger reported:

Ironically, the one-month deficit on trade during March shrank dramatically—15.2%—the biggest decline in two years. Exports to the rest of the world were up 2% to a record monthly value of roughly $209 billion, while imports dipped by 1.8%. That came after a six-month run of climbing deficits, helped greatly by significantly higher overseas sales of commercial aircraft. Those are big-dollar sales that tend to come in batches, which can distort monthly trade figures. But those sales also support the manufacturing sector’s exports. The March deficit with China declined 11.6% but is still far and away the largest shortfall with any other country. President Trump maintains that other countries, particularly China, take advantage of the United States.

Honestly, there is too much to gloat about, when it comes to Conservatives “I told you so!” with Trump.

The president proves daily just how incompetent the Obama administration was, an administration more interested in covering up its nefarious dealings, then actually improving America.

So what do the Democrats have up their sleeves?

Russian collusion? Nyet.

A porn star October surprise? Nyet.

No, the Democrats want to run on rolling back the Trump tax cuts. {Pause to allow reader to “ROFL”}

As TBS wrote a while back, Democrats doomed themselves.

The Democrats took a page from Republicans, as they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Now Democrats have the unenviable position of playing the bad guys. Yes, the worm has turned, the Earth’s axis tilts right…as in Right.

The Democrats very public and stated strategy to win election in 2018 lies in repealing Trump tax cuts. On Tuesday, Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) told CNBC that if Democrats regain the majority after the 2018 election, they will look to raise taxes.

CNBC: Are you looking at raising the tax rate again on the highest earners?

Democrat Steny Hoyer: I think certainly we’ll look to have revenues as opposed to simply creating more debt. This bill is going to create debt. Obama created and previous presidents created.


What a plan! One that I’m sure President Trump welcomes.

As with Obamacare, Democrats want to steal money back into the treasury.


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